Happy Turkey Day!

Just two days before Thanksgiving and with several members of Club 34 out of town, it still saw a strong attendance with 23 and 15 at the IHOP for its weekly events.  We were very happy to see the return of Roy and Maddy Kamen who are visiting from their new digs in Florida.  Yuki Loritz also showed off her Scrabble prowess by going perfect in the evening at 4 and 0.  Roy did the same in the afternoon session.

I would like to commend all members with their generosity towards Club 34 and the IHOP.  They continue to use the facilities and contribute to the voluntary donation box.  Yuki gave $20 last night;  the Kamens $5 in the afternoon.  Our Club party roster is filling up very rapidly.  We have 23 signees with a few spots still open.  Let me know if you still want to attend.

As for a few housecleaning issues, NOISE keeps rearing its ugly head.  I dont know if its because of the size of our playroom or the socialization skills of many of our members.  I know that silence can be accomplished if we all focus on that.  I have witnessed many games where there is complete silence followed by lots of noise in the next game.  All I can do is remind everyone to be quiet and impose the $1 penalty rule with the help of my partner in crime Joanie Scafuto.

I also want to remind everyone how hard it is to direct this Club or any Scrabble club for that matter.  It is truly a thankless job but one that I take alot of pleasure in if I can get the cooperation of ALL members.  I have successfully divided this Club into A and B divisions.  I try to make the pairings as fairly as possible.  I will usually try to pair by the BOOK.  In other words, wins and losses and point spread.  But as the Director, I have some leeway so that I try to pair opponents of like skills so we can witness competitive games.  I also try to pair opponents who dont play each other very much so they can have a variety of players to compete with.  Then there are some members who absolutely dont want to play with other members.  I try to take that into consideration.  It is a constant juggling act, one that gives me a major headache by days end. It would also be a blessing for me if ALL members stayed for ALL four games.  It is a constant headache to keep mixing and matching when members leave after one, two or three games.  I want everyone to attend no matter what but if you could keep your Tuesday slate clean for Scrabble, that would be great!!!


I also want to remind everyone that Club 34 is totally FREE and that I dont draw a salary for running this Club.  I expect you to come to the IHOP for a fun-filled free day of scrabbling with NO whining, complaints or the like.  If you are not happy with how things are done at Club 34 and if you are not happy with this Director, then I have a simple solution for you.  FIND another Scrabble club in the area where you may be happier.  I certainly would not want you at Club 34 if you are not happy with me or not happy playing for free all day long.  If you are not happy to play at a Scrabble club that is continually growing and evolving into a truly state of the art Club, if you are not happy meeting new people, if you wish to play with the same old friends that you have been playing with for the last 20 years, go to another Club!!

Gary Moss directs his Club every Wednesday and Thursday nights in Laguna Woods.  Yuki Loritz does the same on Monday nights in Yorba Linda.  For those who like to travel somewhat, Bruce D has a wonderful club in Santa Monica on Saturday mornings.  Alan Stern does a wonderful job directing his on Wednesday nights in Plummer Park.  None of these clubs are FREE but you would have a great time nonetheless.

Some of my germophobic members wanted me to make the following announcement.  I would truly appreciate it if ALL members would clean their tiles, bags and boards in a regular fashion.  The United States Public Health Department recently issued that mandate for ALL Scrabble Clubs so please  pay close attention or you may be subject to a hefty fine in the future if you violate this.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!


David Poder, Director


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Scrabble club 34. Photos by L. Higgins

Yuki visits after a long absence!

Welcome back Gary Moss!

Good to see Maddy and Roy Kamen … now living in Florida! Come back soon!

Roy Kamen , a champion scrabble player! Good to see you at scrabble club 34!

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