Alan Kait!!

Another good turnout yesterday at the IHOP.  It was almost free pancake day so it was somewhat hectic but Club 34 managed to make it through the day unharmed.  24 and 10 were in attendance for another exciting day of scrabbling.  Club 34 was very sorry to say goodbye to Jeff Polan for awhile.  He will be heading to Europe for a 5 week adventure and wont be back at Club 34 til August 21.  Tom Titus will help me direct the Club in Jeff’s absence.

An old friend made her appearance after an absence of many months.  Pat Reed is trying to fight her way back as courageously as possible.  She loves Scrabble and loves her Scrabble friends so she was able to come back yesterday for the afternoon session.  We wish her well and good health from here on out.

I have always said that when one of us does something memorable, it will appear in this Blog.  Yesterday in game #1 against a very worthy opponent yours truly made 4 bingos in his FIRST 4 plays.  I opened the game with pigsney, followed by aconites, then forebade and one more which I cant remember.  My opponent of course took it very graciously…LOL.

Our new advertising campaign is upon us.  It is in full operational mode.  I just got off the phone with David Postal who assured me of this.  He is on his way to New Mexico on the first  part of his 6 week, 7000 mile trek across the country.  We wish him a safe trip and our advertising campaign a huge success.

I first met Alan Kait a year ago at Bruce’s club in Los Angeles.  Alan lives in the Santa Barbara area but every few weeks he will load up his RV and travel southbound for awhile, hitting every Scrabble club in the area.  He always comes to Club 34 and spends the day, then makes it a point to come to the Monkeyhouse on Friday for more fun and games.  Yesterday was no exception.  I know that Alan is a very talented individual.  He has many interests like flying his own plane which he has taken on occasion to Scrabble tournaments in the past.

Last night Alan showed me a video of himself playing a Chapman Touch Board, also known as the Chapman Stick.  I strongly advise all of you to google this and listen to other people playing this instrument.  I heard Alan and it was quite beautiful.  I asked him to perform at our next Christmas party and he agreed to do so..  Last year it was Inge Weinfeld and her hand held harmonica.  This year it will be Alan Kait and the Chapman Stick.  Make your reservations now!!!


David Poder, Director

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Scrabble Club 34

Photo by L. Higgins

Welcome back to scrabble club 34 Pat Reed, after being away for many months!It was so good to see you at the scrabble table again!

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