The Votes Are In!! The Ballots Have Been Tallied!!

Someone told me recently that there are a few Scrabble clubs, formal and informal, in this country that do meet twice a week.  I doubt if any meet twice a day like Club 34.  But three times a week??   I highly doubt it.  With the rapid growth of Club 34 over the past 4 years and the constant influx of new players. some that stick and some that dont, Club 34 is very proud to announce the creation of Club 34 Friday.  Since its existence in 1978 Club 34 has met every Tuesday at the IHOP, at least since the early 1990s.

But no longer!!  Club 34 is expanding and is proud to announce that on January 4, 2019 it will be holding court at the IHOP from 11am-3pm in the same playroom.  We have the blessing of the IHOP management to go ahead with this exciting idea.  For those of you who cant wait to play at Club 34 from one Tuesday to another, you wont have to.  I have spent the last few weeks polling ALL members of Club 34 to gauge its response.  And the response has been favorable…  They are as follows…

These players have committed to appear EVERY Friday:  David Poder, Bruce Dambrosio, Paul Trachtenberg, Cynthia Helphrey, Elly Ciefuegos, Lisa Ocone(first two games) and Renee Kahn.

These players have committed to appear once or twice a month:  Alan Kait, Bill Lapinski, Bob Freiberg, Desiree Engel, Don Platt, Donna Dwaileebe, Evelyn Davis, Inge Weinfeld, James Cassidy, Jeff Polan, Joanie Scafuto, Ken Louie, Kim Peterson, Liz Graef, Lynn Gunn, Mark Bennett, Maxine Marcus, Najat Reikes, Nancy Toussaint, Raven Harrison, Sheila Buthuis, Yuki Loritz, Melissa de la Fuentes and Esther Kisich.

These players cannot come because of work or distance:  Amnon Meyers, David Postal, Gary Moss, Holly Derheim, Itzi Burns, Karen Sturm, Maliha Mendoza, Paul Rickoff, Tom Brown and Tom Titus.

These players cannot come because of their undying devotion to the Monkeyhouse Cafe:  Barbara Creighton, Brian Reiss, Gretchen Cowan, Lorry Higgins, Jane Crane, Pat Reed and Pat Yarnell.

Players that fall into the last 2 categories will always be welcome to come to Club 34 on Friday whenever they wish…

And there you have it.  We have 7 players who have committed to every Friday and another 24 who can come but not every week.  This is a good start and hopefully more new players will be attracted to Club 34 now that we will be open for business twice a week.

Last Tuesday we had 25 and 8 players involved in our weekly session.  Again we had a good turnout in the afternoon, not so much at night.  I want to remind all of you that we will have our annual Xmas party on December 11 in our playroom to be held between our afternoon and evening sessions.  Our evening session will start around 7pm just for this night only.  Be sure to sign up for this wonderful event.  I will have the signup sheet this coming Tuesday.  I want to remind all of you to please donate from now until December 11.  All $$ will go to the food catered once again by the IHOP and for awards.  This year I have decided to hand out awards to 4 players, 2 men and 2 women, who have gone above aboard to support Club 34 with their weekly participation.  So we need $$ and lots of it…

Next week there will be an event happening in Los Angeles.  For maybe the first time ever in the National Football League  there will be two football teams 9-1 this late in the season playing each other at the LA Coliseum.  The game was originally scheduled for Mexico City but due to unplayable conditions at that stadium, the game was transferred to Los Angeles.  My home team the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the Los Angeles Rams this Monday!  I cant wait for this game.  And guess who will be attending that game??

Hope to see all of you Tuesday for more scrabbling..


David Poder, Director





















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SouthCoast Plaza Anyone?

24 and 9 players assembled at the IHOP last Tuesday for another round of scrabbling.  Two new players made their inaugural appearances.  Robin Craigen from Long Beach stopped by, played two games and then had to leave.  We hope he returns.  He knew about us for several months and finally took the plunge, tired of online scrabbling.  He wanted to see some live faces.

A few weeks ago our very own Najat found herself at SouthCoast Plaza at Macys to be exact looking for some very fine perfume.  She ran into Agnes Guilas who was manning the cosmetic department.  A conversation began and somehow Scrabble became the main theme.  Agnes loves Scrabble and found herself at Club 34 Tuesday after going to the wrong IHOP.  Once she righted herself she proceeded to win 2 of her 4 games against some very seasoned veterans.  She is a keeper!!

Our Christmas party is fast approaching.  It will be December 11 and the participation list will be on display this coming Tuesday.  At this point I want to say that the first 30 to sign up will be allowed to come.  Anything after that we shall see…………..

I am just about finished with polling all members for our first ever Friday session to be held 11-3 at this point starting January 4, 2019.  The response has been good, not great, but good enough to have a nice attendance starting on that date.  Of course I reserve the right to stop this if it turns out that the attendance is not what I would like to see.  But I think we have enough players who have committed either every week or at least once or twice a month to make a go of it.  And I’m hoping that with the extra session, Club 34 attracts more new players in the future who find Tuesday not to be an option.  Only time will tell…


David Poder, Director

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