Lost and Found!!

Dont forget to take all your equipment home with you once you leave for the day!  We had a few items left behind so contact Pat Reed or Sarah Jacobson if you ever want to see them again.

Our afternoon session started off with a bang when Dr. Najat Reikes, Doctor of Public Health, spoke to the Club about health and germ prevention for a few minutes.  Initially, I was told that Desiree was making a rapid recovery, but now am told that she has suffered a relapse.  Club 34 wishes her a speedy and total recovery.  We were so happy to see Barbara Creighton stay for the entire afternoon session, the first time since her total knee replacement.  We were also happy to see the return of James Cassidy after his recent illness.  Club 34 members might be an aging group but we are certainly a resilient one as well.

After Dr. Reikes spoke, I again informed the Club of the new website that is up and running.  Most of you have seen it by now but if you havent, go to http://www.huntingtonbeachscrabbleclub34.com.  I hope all of you enjoy it as well as any new members that join our Family in the future. I discussed the new prize structure for our Club and several of us took advantage of that yesterday.  I also mentioned the Club championship which will take place in the near future.

On a very sad note, I was told something very disheartening last week and reinforced last night.  We may be losing one of our more valued members in the next two months.  I first met Richard Stein in l996 when I started playing Scrabble.  Richard was a high school student at the time and it was very apparent early on that he was very gifted.  After awhile Richard disappeared from the Scrabble scene as he went away to college, then onto graduate school achieving a PHD at Stanford University.  He came back to us a few years ago better than ever.  Richard has informed me that he will be interviewing for a position with Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, next week.  There is a good chance he will be accepted for the position and then move there.  Our loss will certainly be Seattle’s gain.  I certainly wish him well but will be very unhappy if he leaves us, the local Scrabble scene and the Tuesday night sessions.  He has been a tremendous addition to our Family for the last several years.

David Postal came last night after a victorious week at the Wisconsin tournament.  He won his division and I was told that Gretchen Cowan also did well in hers.  David ran into old time friends Nancy Douglas and James Frankki.  Nancy will return to us in the summer but James appears to be very happy in his current situation.  We certainly miss him and wish him continued success in his life and in Scrabble.

We witnessed 22 and 13 yesterday attend our weekly session.  I want to pay a special thank you to Inge Weinfeld.  Inge comes to us on Tuesday nights and serves as a swing member voluntarily.  If we are odd, she goes home.  If we are even, she stays.  She spends the entire afternoon at the Huntington Beach Senior Center where she directs the Scrabble club for the senior senior members.  Club 34 owes her a great deal of gratitude for her participation.


David Poder, Director

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Get Well Desiree!!

20 and 8 showed up yesterday.  The impending rains and some Scrabble tournaments this coming weekend kept a few members from showing up.  Lorry Higgins, Club 34’s all around gofer, came with lots of goodies in the form of hand sanitizers for all of us to use during the day.  Our newly appointed health czar, Dr. Najat Reikes, was not in attendance so Lorry took over for the day.

Next Tuesday will be an important one for Club 34.  I will ask Najat to address the Club and speak about some preventative measures we can all take part in to try to prevent further episodes of illness and infection.  With that being said, I was informed that Desiree, our youngest member, is seriously ill.  We all at Club 34 wish her a speedy recovery.  Club 34 is not the same without her presence and delightful personality.  All of us look at her with great admiration and strive for her level of activity at the tender age of 96 so get well soon Desiree!!!

Next Tuesday will also be important for another reason.  Our new website is up and running.  I implore all of you to take a look at it before our next meeting. I will talk about some of its new features and go over the new prize structures for the Club.  You wont want to miss that.  I want to thank David Postal, Lorry Higgins and Amnon Meyers in helping make this possible.  I hope that in the future it will attract alot of new players who want to join our Family..

What would a Tuesday and Club 34 be without another funny happening.  As all of you know, players place their score cards in the little baskets on my table after they finish their games.   This is possible so that I may do the matchups for the next game.  Yesterday I was missing one score card.  The matchups were not even.  Jeff and I were going crazy.  Lo and behold, one of the members had placed HIS scorecard in his pocket!!   Dont ask me why this happened.  Long ago I had stopped trying to figure out why this particular member does what he does but he is loved nonetheless…


David Poder, Director

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