Happy New Year!

Our last day of scrabbling for 2014 was a huge success.  14 and 10 showed up for the two sessions.  Andy Su returned for both sessions.  He made his inaugural appearance at Club 34 two weeks ago and seems to be catching on.  A brand new player showed up tonight straight from Houston, Texas.  James Frankki is a seasoned scrabbler and plans to relocate to Southern California next summer.  Jim is a German professor and Phd in Medieval Literature from the University of Wisconsin.  I can tell that he will be a very welcome addition to our Club!  He plans to stay out here for a few weeks i think looking for a job so we should see him next week.

Gary Moss returned for his second visit and Gretchen Cowan all the way from San Clemente but the biggest surprise was the inaugural appearance of our bingo guru Amnon Meyers.  I had the privilege of playing him tonight in his first game and barely won.  Amnon is a very worthy opponent and promises to be seen more often here in this club in 2015.  Well that about does it for 2014.  Next up is Part 3 of the State of the Union address which promises to give you some wonderful insight into Club 34 for next year.  Stay tuned.

One last note.  Jim Porter sent me an email at 3am this morning crying out to me that he could not be there today because of impending snowfalls in the Hesperia area.  He was sorely missed.  And Club 34 wishes a speedy recovery for Margie Gordon and want to see her back here very soon.

David Poder, Director

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