We Are One Year Old!!

Two unfortunate occurrences were a part of last Tuesday’s sessions.  I only bring them up as a way to avoid them in the future and make Club 34 run as smoothly as possible.  In the afternoon session Player #1 called me to say she was running late around 12:50 and would be at the IHOP in 10 minutes.  I held off starting the session as much as possible but by 1:10 I could not wait any longer so we began play.  She showed up soon after but before I could act on it, she turned around and went home since we would have been uneven.  I called her to apologize but she wasnt upset telling me she had plenty to do.  She came back in the evening no worse for wear.  In retrospect I should have given her my place or kept one of the new players out so she could observe and let Player #1 play as soon as she showed up.  To make matters worse Player #1A who i was playing in the second game told me that I should have let Player #1 play as soon as she showed up if “I am trying to build the club”.  Well, I did feel bad about this even before Player #1A made that comment but he was actually right.

In the evening Tom Titus who does the pairings matched me with Player #1A.  Player #1A got very upset at this and said to paraphrase “why do I have to play him again?  I always have to play him twice every Tuesday that I show up!!!  I thought this comment was way out of line and should never be repeated at Club 34.  He was right in the afternoon, wrong in the evening.  Everyone should play whoever Tom says he or she should play no matter what!!  After all, when I tried to divide the Club last year, many of you did not want that so lets just play whoever we are assigned and leave it at that.  So I ended up playing Player #2 and unfortunately beat him soundly!  But he took it in stride because that is the type of person he is and forever spoke the following words that will become the motto or slogan of Club 34 “shoved your foot up where feet dont usually go”.    So lets try to play by the rules for the sake of good sportsmanship.  Obviously, I have kept the players’ identities a secret to protect their privacy!!

Tuesday will mark the first anniversary of Our Club 34  new edition.  By my calculations, I think there should be 21 people coming with 4 or 5 others on the bubble.  I only know of Karen Sturm who will be in New York and Karen Gibbs who is going for a new job as not being able to attend of our regular afternoon players.  If there is anyone else, please let me know.  We will have at least one new player, Carol Wilson of HB who found us on Facebook. I am frequently reaching out to those who join Meetup but as of now, nothing to report.

A Scrabble Club cannot be a successful one unless it has at least one talented player of the Israeli persuasion.  And we have just that person.  Amnon Meyers was born in Rehovoth, Israel 62 years ago.  He was raised in nearby Ashkalon til the age of 7.  He moved with his parents to Roosevelt, New Jersey where he spent the following 6 years.  But let me say this about Amnon’s father.  Nach Meyers was a renowned freedom fighter and fought for the Israeli Independence from Great Britain in 1947 and 1948.  Amnon returned to Israel with his mother and 3 brothers and resided there from 1965-1968.

But Israel was too small for Amnon so he returned to the US in 1968 and lived in Tennefly, New Jersey with his father and stepmother til he graduated from high school in 1970.  I always knew Amnon was a smart guy but MIT with a BS in biology in 1973 and a Master degree in organic chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1976 and a Masters Degree in computer science UC Berkeley in 1982??  Now it gets a little hairy so if you want any more information, contact Amnon directly.  He was employed at UC Irvine 1983-1988 as a staff programmer working for Professor Richard Granger.  What did he do exactly?  It has something to do with navy messages and building tech analysis systems.  He did the same thing for McDonald Douglas from 1988 to 1993.  From 1993 to 1998 Amnon worked for TRW in Redondo Beach focusing on artificial intelligence labs.  Getting tired working for others, Amnon formed his own company in 1998 Texts Analysis International.  He spends his time now analyzing visual texts and dealing with programming languages.  His past and present clients have included IBM and Nasdac.

I dont know where Amnon found the time but he married in 1983 and has 3 very gifted and accomplished children.  Daughter Talya is a Phd student  in English literature at Stanford, son Samuel has a BS in political economy from UC Berkeley and daughter Aviva is finishing her senior year at Laguna Beach High.   Wife Karin Klein writes editorials for the LA Times in education, health and the environment.

Amnon’s hobbies include scrabble, hiking and swimming.  In 1994 in Los Angeles Amnon placed 3rd in Division 2 in the only Nationals he has participated in.  His late mother played in the largest scrabble club in the world to date, the Jerusalem Scrabble Club.  He graciously has lent his time and energy to handle our monthly and yearly stats while Tom Titus handles our weekly ones.  Amnon has made 2 appearances so far to Club 34.  I know he will be seen much more frequently at the IHOP in the future and we certainly look forward to that.  Welcome to Club 34 Amnon Meyers!!

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