We Did It! Now Let’s Go For Thirty!!

On Tuesday afternoon Club 34 reached that all up to now insurmountable 20 scrabblers.  We actually had 22 players ascend the playroom for an intensive battle of scrabbling.  We welcomed back for a second time Katie Wannamaker, a property manager consultant from La Habra and local patron Kim Peterson.  I was able to witness a hard fought battle between my 2 future proteges Francina Bailey and Nina Rubin.  And I gave them some important pointers regarding board awareness and rack management.  The game ended with Ms. Rubin putting down baileys for an 8 letter bingo making fun of Francina’s last name.  Both these ladies have great potential and I cant wait to begin some intense tutoring.  We are well on our way towards what I see as an attainable goal for the end of the year:  25 players every Tuesday on a regular basis.  Please dont forget to continue with the voluntary donations.  I would like to place ads in some college newspapers in the near future.  I have been very happy to see most of you using the IHOP services and enjoying the food it has to offer.

Tuesday night we had 10 scrabblers show up with a brand new player Duncan Cunningham.  I did not meet him but have been told he shows alot of promise and may have come to us from one of the Starbuck ads from last year.  I look forward to meeting him next week.  Meetup keeps growing with 42 members currently; now if they would only show up at the IHOP I would be one happy camper!!

See you all next week!

David Poder, Director

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