Our last session of the year was held yesterday and Club 34 did not miss a beat.  Even though many of our members were out of town for the New Year, we still managed 22 and 14 for both sessions.  Karen Sturm returned from her many travels and Amnon Meyers was a welcome sight to see last night.  Jim Porter spent the whole day with us all the way from Hesperia.  Pat Yarnell came in the afternoon as well.  Special thanks to Paul Trachtenberg who returned last night to play with us when it looked as if we would have an odd number of players.  I called him in desperation and he took time from his very busy schedule to come back to the IHOP to even us out.  What a guy!!

And now 2016 is just around the corner!  All of you know what that means!  More growth and some exciting announcements soon to be released in my State of the Union address in a few days.  Happy New Year to all members of Club 34!


David Poder, Director

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