Jeffrey Polan!!

I never want to use the Blog as a tribute in memoriam for one of my members so I wont start now.  Last Tuesday just before the start of the Club at 1pm I received a text from Jeff.  His Iphone was now up and running so he sent me a text from Salzburg, Austria.  I had expressed concern as any good Club director would do when I heard of the Munich shootings and knew Jeff was planning to visit that city during his stopover in Germany and Austria.  Jeff WAS in Munich on the day of the shootings and not that far away.  His tour group was planning to have lunch at a nearby restaurant so it had to be changed because it was too close to the actual site.  Jeff let me know he was safe and planning to return to NYC today July 29 and would call me.  Another close call!!  Its so much safer just to stay home and play Scrabble at Club 34!!!

Another fine showing last Tuesday afternoon of 23 and not so nice in the evening, par for the course.  We were happy to see Sarah Jacobson return from her home in Tucson and hope she returns next Tuesday.

I want to remind everyone of our next Blankheads session at Amnon’s home Saturday, August 20.  We currently have 11 signups but have room for many more up to 20.  I wish to invite all new players who have never been to a Blankheads party to come.  You will have the time of your life!!  We will play 7 games with a KOH for game #8.  We will bring pot luck food as we always do.  So if you want to come laugh, eat and play Scrabble all day long, notify me by private email.  I will add you to the list.  We have presently the following signups:

David Poder, Amnon Meyers, Gary Moss, Nancy Douglas, Najat, Barbara Ring, Lynn Gunn, Donna D, Gretchen Cowan, Pat Reed.  I think there is one more but cant remember who.  So we have plenty of openings left!!  Let me hear from you.


David Poder, Director

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