Mayberry RFD!!

I didnt recognize him when he first came into the IHOP on Tuesday but soon it became apparent that the other Ron Howard was making a very rare appearance at Club 34, only his second as a matter of fact.  Ron is gearing up for the NASPA nationals to be held later this summer so he promises to show up here more often.  A very fierce competitor to the Scrabble wars in Southern California, Ron moved to Oregon a while back but now lives a quiet life in Mission Viejo.

Club 34 also tearfully said goodbye to the Kamens who will be taking their talents eastward to the land of mosquitos, hurricanes and humidity but no State income tax.  I assured them that they would always be welcome back to Club 34 in the future and at least Maddy thanked me for that.  David Postal returned for the nighttime version.  It looks like he may be returning to Southern California from SF in the near future, a big win for Club 34 in general, for me and Jim Porter in particular.

Despite the many Memorial Day tournaments over the weekend, Club 34 still managed to see 20 and 11 for the day’s festivities.  We had another visit from my BFF Uriel, who I think is assistant manager of the IHOP on Tuesdays.  I never know when he is telling me the truth or kidding.  But this time he told us not to mess with the thermostat any longer.  The IHOP installed a very expensive system which keeps room temperature at 72 degrees.  If you cant handle that, dress accordingly either with a bathing suit or winter jacket but DONT touch that thermostat again.

And now for the really BIG news if its true.  Uriel told me that the IHOP will be closed for remodeling maybe around June 16 for maybe up to a month.  I will try to get verification from Hector in the next few days so stay tuned!!

There are many of us missing in action!  You will be receiving a phone call very soon.  If you have no intentions of returning to Club 34, I will purge you from our membership list.  Are you listening Barbara Ring, Dale Babb, Guadulupe Espinoza, Irma Proulx, Kait Clifford, Lori Carroll, Marie Murphy, Nancy Donahue and Rene Kahn??  We hope to see you soon…


David Poder, Director

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