The Monkey House Cafe!!

20 and 10 showed up yesterday, somewhat disappointing numbers, but fun and excitement were still featured for the day.  What would Club 34 on a Tuesday be like if there werent more problems visible to the naked eye??  Club divisions need to be revisited.  There simply are not enough A division players to go around!  Quite often we will have 6 div A players and 20 div B players on any given Tuesday afternoon.  The nighttime version is no problem as we have more of an open session with just 10 to 12 players usually showing up at that time.  In the past year Club 34 has lost several div A players to relocation:  Tom Singleton, the Kamens, David Postal, James Frankii.

Therefore, we must have a realignment of divisions to make it fair to all.  And I mean fair to all.  I dont expect any complaining, whining, crying or the like from anyone!  The new realignment will see 23 players in div A and 24 in div B.  There will still be 7 swing players as previously noted:  Cowan, Polan, Reed, Reikes, Sturm, Titus and Yarnell.  The new Club 34 divisions will be as follows:

Div A- Cassidy, Cowan, Dambrosio, Gunn, Kait, Kisich, Kitchens, Lapinski, Loritz, Meyers, Moss, Pearl, Poder, Polan, Porter, Reed, Reikes, Skaggs, Stein, Sturm, Titus, Trachtenberg, Yarnell.

Div B- Babb, Bennett, Carroll, Collins, Crane, Creighton, Derheim, Douglas, Engel, Freiberg, Helphrey, Higgins, Jacobson, Kahn, Labelson, Marcus, Miller, Nguyen, Peterson, Platt, Reiss, Ring, Scafuto, Washington.

In other words, all players in Div A have played the game of Scrabble for a very long time and should have some skills to justify Div A status.  There are a few who I consider rising stars and deserve that recognition.  Div B players are relatively new and still are learning the game.  I will give out the new Club Divisions to co-directors Polan and Titus.  Lets keep having fun, no whining, no complaining…

As I reported earlier, Club 34 will NOT meet June 20 at the IHOP.  There will be some remodeling so the IHOP will be closed for the week.  Club 34 will resume play there the following Tuesday June 27. But do you think this will stop Club 34??  Not a chance!  Through some very heavy negotiations yesterday, I managed to get the management of the Monkey House Cafe just across the street to agree to let us convene at lpm on June 20 for our usual afternoon session.  I am not sure how this will play out or how many players they can have but just show up and we will figure out the rest!  There will be no evening session tho since the Monkey House closes at 6pm.

So put this on your calendar!  June 20 lpm Monkey House Cafe…


David Poder, Director

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