Dont Forget Next Tuesday!

24 and 9 showed up last Tuesday at the IHOP for its weekly Scrabble festivities.  Club 34 was so happy to see Gloria Miller from LA make a rare appearance and welcomed back Dale Babb and Pete Skaggs after a lengthy absence.  The new Club divisions were in play and went off without a hitch.

Now listen up everyone!  Next Tuesday because the IHOP will be closed for remodeling, we will meet at the Monkey House Cafe just across the street.  The management has been very nice to accomodate us but if you DO NOT plan to order food and beverage there, DO NOT come!!  That is a must.  A small group of us have been meeting there Friday mornings for games and lunch for the past 2 months.  Everything has been going very smoothly so we want to give them a very good impression of Club 34 so lets use their facilities  as much as possible.  You never know that we may have to move there permanently in the future if something happens to the IHOP!!

I advise all of you to come early.  I have no idea how many players the Monkey House can accomodate so there is the possibility that we can not all fit there and some of us may have to leave if there is no space!  Come early, set up your boards and order lunch.  I hope everything runs smoothly without a glitch but you never know!  And remember, there will only be an afternoon session.  The Monkey House closes at 6pm..


David Poder, Director

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