No Club Next Tuesday!

Next Tuesday is July 4 so there will be no club that day.  We shall see all of you the following Tuesday July 11.  21 and 12 showed up at the new IHOP yesterday and fun was had by all…  I want to thank Jeff Polan for directing most of the day’s activities as I was forced to head off to Dodger Stadium.

The new IHOP looked very attractive and much appreciation was displayed by all of us.  I think that Club 34 and the IHOP will continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship for many years to come.

Lets have a great rest of 2017 and watch Club 34 continue to grow.  I know that more new members are just on the horizon and ready to make their first appearance at Club 34.  Lets greet them with open arms.  See all of you in 2 weeks.


David Poder, Director

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