And The Beat Goes On!

24 and 12 showed up Tuesday for more fun in the newly renovated IHOP.  We were happy to see the return of Marie Murphy from Whittier who came to us a few months back from Meetup but fell upon some medical hard times soon after.  She vowed to return and she did and promises to be a more frequent player in Club 34.  I was very happy to see the return of Janet Goldstein and Inge Weinfeld after a lengthy absence.

Scrabble matriarch Gretchen Cowan was nice enough to bring some door prizes for the afternoon session to be auctioned off to the winner of each games category.  In the second game I chose a word pertaining to Trump.  Leave it to our very own Bruce D. to play the natural ‘evildoer’ making him a very easy winner.  And the anagram is???

Many of you are probably wondering what I do with the hefty $$ donations I receive every Tuesday.  Well you are about to find out next Tuesday so please attend to congratulate next week’s worthy member of Club 34.  I have decided to give out a very generous $$ award that fits the category I happen to choose but only very randomly.  Next week’s award category will be “the most courageous member of Club 34”.  So show up, you wont be disappointed.

Maybe 2 months ago, a few members decided to meet every Friday from ll:30 to 2 pm for lunch and some games at the Monkey House Cafe.  If you wish to attend, please let me or Lorry know in advance.  The only requirement is that you must bring a buddy to even things out.  Its turned into a very nice Friday afternoon diversion.


David Poder, Director

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