And The Winner Is……

Yesterday Club 34 witnessed the first of many special awards to be given out to worthy members that have shown extraordinary behavior throughout the year.  25 members were on hand to congratulate the first recipient.  12 showed up in the evening.

Brian Reiss is a guy who came to Club 34 more than 2 years ago and has shown up to play Scrabble almost every Tuesday since.  Two months ago I received awful news that Brian was to undergo open heart surgery!  We communicated after the surgery and Brian told me that he would try to come back to the Club in 2 weeks.  I told him NOT to worry about that and just rest at home and do your rehab!!

I told him that Scrabble should be the last thing on his mind and that his health and longevity should be foremost in his thoughts. The following Tuesday at 1pm I was getting ready to perform my directorial duties when in walks Brian Reiss, just less than 2 weeks from this life altering surgery.  I almost dropped to the floor in amazement but there he was.  Brian showed alot of courage to do that.  He certainly has my utmost respect and admiration from here on out.  Fortunately Brian shows what most Club 34 members show:  alot of heart and courage and the love to play Scrabble and be a part of Club 34.

We were happy to see Nancy Douglas return after a long absence.  But it will be short lived as she told me she will be returning to Wisconsin shortly til next June.  Cynthia Helphrey came back after fracturing her arm and Marie Murphy returned for the second week in a row.   Tearfully Club 34 said goodbye to Jeff Polan but not forever.  Jeff takes his annual trip to Europe this time Ireland and Scotland but will return in 3 weeks.  All I asked him to do was avoid all terrorism- like activity which he failed to do last year when he visited Germany.

The Nationals will be next week in New Orleans and a few of us will be attending.  Good luck to all.


David Poder, Director

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