Records Are Meant To Be Broken!

17 members congregated last night at the IHOP breaking our previous record of 16.  27 showed up in the afternoon.  Club 34 has developed a very nice nucleus of players who it can count on to show up every Tuesday for both afternoon and evening sessions.

But what would Tuesday at the IHOP be like without another controversy??  After game #1 yesterday afternoon, one of our valued members walked out upset that his headache was not getting any relief from what else, too much NOISE!!  Therefore, I had to spring into action and do what any conscientious Director of this amazing Scrabble Club would do.  Let it be known from this day forward that Club 34 will impose the $1 penalty for excessive noise.  I will be the Judge, Jury and the Executioner.  If I deem anyone to be making too much noise during Club play, I will stop all games, go up to that player in violation, ask for and get $1 before the games can proceed.

As I told the Club yesterday before game #4 during a long and very heated discussion mostly on my part, I have spent hours and lots of $$ to see Club 34 grow and I will not allow any member to drop out of Club 34 because someone else wants to chatter during the games.  That will not happen on my watch.  I understand that some members like to be sociable, want to make friends and converse but NOT during Club play.  When you are done with your game, leave the room.  Go outside to the parking lot!  You can talk all you want then.

Before we began play yesterday afternoon, another member was honored for his part in Club 34 and his many years of dedication to the game of Scrabble.  Tom Titus has been a fixture in our Club for over 25 years.  His desire to become the new Director in 2014 kept Club 34 alive.  His weekly stat report is something all of us look forward to reading.  None of us would be here on a Tuesday at the IHOP in 2017 if it were not for Tom Titus.  We all owe him a great sense of gratitude.  I for one look forward to his continued participation for many years to come.

I have been assured by Amnon Meyers that our yearly stats will be up to date, current, and posted on our Blog within the next week.  So you will be able to see how you are performing compared to all other members very shortly.

Last Tuesday night Najat and David Pearl who likes to call himself ‘Pearljam’  squared off in the final game.  Both players were 3-0 and the winner would collect $2 for perfection.  This was a classic case of David(Najat) v Goliath(Pearl).  I fully expected Goliath to take away the honors but was pleasantly surprised to read about David’s conquest the following morning in Tom’s writeup.  Another classic case of the age old concept in Scrabble that anyone can beat anyone else in one game of Scrabble.  Ya never know what might happen when you sit down at a Scrabble table ready to do combat.

Aw yes, the great $2 award for perfection!  Another wonderful perk for playing at Club 34..  Last night in the final game David Postal and Tom Titus squared off in the ‘money game’.  I gave them the $2 prize money beforehand, fully expecting one of them to come away with the honors.  Well what do you know!!  They played to a tie game and tried to split the award, $1 each.  But I caught wind of it and got the $2 back.  This award is not meant for a 3-0-1 record.  Shame on them!

I heard through the grapevine that there might be another Higgins BBQ feast perhaps in October so stay tuned!  We always look forward to them.  Lorry has always been a magnificent hostess…

Club 34 welcomed back Jeff Polan from his European vacation, Karen Sturm from her first bout of grandmotherhood and Marian Melendez who is trying her best to play with us.  I was very happy to see Rene Kahn, Jennifer Delson and Owen Mascott back once again.  But where are Dale Babb, Bob Freiberg, Sybil Washington and Vivi Nguyen?  I will find out, you can bet on that…

See all of you next Tuesday!  We are getting very close to that magical 30 and 20 mark.  Lets do it sooner than later.


David Poder, Director

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