Good Sportsmanship!

20 and 13, thats who showed up yesterday at the IHOP.  Our afternoon session was down a little bit due to the up and coming Labor Day weekend and the WGPO tournament in Portland.  But we persevered and actually greeted two new players to Club 34.

Paul Rickoff is a longtime scrabbler at Bruce D’s club on Saturday morning in Santa Monica but chose to join us yesterday as he recently retired from the aerospace industry and is looking for more things to do in retirement.  He heard glowing reports about Club 34 from other members and decided to check us out.  Paul lives in Santa Clarita near Magic Mountain so its quite a schlepp to get to Club 34 but he did and had a great time.  We all hope that he is able to join us on a semi regular basis in the future.

In between both sessions as I was dining with Jeff and Joanie at the IHOP I received a call from Ray Curran who just joined Meetup and wanted to check us out.  He came and played two games and then left without telling me.  Im afraid that Ray decided that he didnt want to play with ‘us old folks’ so he left.  He is 18 years old and will be starting college next month.  I was so excited to think that Club 34 was going to get alot younger but I guess it wasnt meant to be!!

I am doing my best to handle the Noise issue and it seems to be working to a certain extent.  But it has not completely resolved so from now on, I wont be making any announcements before the 1pm session.  I will simply go to the offending member and get $l and then we all can resume play.

A somewhat funny incident happened last night that I want to share with all members.  I will refer to Players A and B as I would not want to embarass them, especially Player A.  He is one of the more gifted members of Club 34 but in the 20 years that I have known him, he has NEVER congratulated his opponent on a good game.  In fact, when he loses he will always make an excuse as to why he lost.  This has happened game after game for 20 years!  Last night A and B did battle and B won.  B is a slightly lesser gifted player than A so when A turned in his score sheet as he tried to hurry to the bathroom, I noticed that he lost the game.  His response of course was to be expected.  “He drew the bag”!  Not, ” He played very well, he outplayed me”  but “He drew the bag”….

One of the unforeseen rules in the world of Scrabble is good etiquette and good sportsmanship.  Unfortunately, this has always been lacking in Player A’s arsenal.  Maybe someday he will learn to be a bit more humble but I strongly doubt it…

I would like to have a Christmas party at the IHOP in December so from now til then, I will be collecting $$ from the voluntary donation box for that purpose and that purpose only!  No more awards, no more advertising for now until the end of the year.  But next year I will resume some newspaper advertising to try to attract a few more players.  We seem to be stuck on 20-25 in the afternoon, 10-l5 at night.  I would love to see 30 and 20 for 2018 so that will be the goal of Club 34 as we continue to grow.

Meetup has produced a few new players.  I have received a commitment for next Tuesday afternoon from Helen Cooper.  Lets have a great post Labor Day turnout.  See you all then.


David Poder, Director


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