Good Sportsmanship II

18 and 10 showed up yesterday, attendance somewhat down because of the recently completed Portland tournament.  Several of our regulars were still coming home yesterday so could not be present.  But we still had alot of fun and I was so glad to see Paul Rickoff return for the second week in a row all the way from Santa Clarita.  Now that is quite a schlepp and shows me how much fun he had the first time around.  I was happy to see Don Platt return after a lengthy absence.  Im still waiting to see James Kitchens, Bob Freiberg and Marie Murphy come back.

I am proud to announce the next foodfest at Lorry’s house to be on October 24 so save the date.  She can handle no more than 25 so we will take reservations shortly.  Im also happy to let everyone know that our Christmas party will be held on December l2(my birthday no less) between sessions at the IHOP.  Dont forget to drop some very hearty donations into the voluntary donation box to cover all expenses from now until then.  The IHOP will cater to say the least.  Maybe I can get permission for some members to provide deserts for the occasion.  Stay tuned for that.

Now lets get down to some very tough love!  It was so quiet yesterday afternoon after our new noise policy went into effect you could hear a pin drop for the entire 3 hours.  Not so much at night even tho we had less people so we need to work on that.  Its truly amazing how that came to be when $1 was at stake.

Most of you will recall my post last week when I spoke of a game between Players A and B.  I found out some more information that I would like to share.  I only do so because all of you need to know what you should and should not do in a Scrabble game.  It is customary during a game that both players confirm the scores after every turn so you dont have confusion later in the game.  In that particular battle Player B who is not as gifted as Player A and a bit older and somewhat forgetful erroneously gave Player A 100 more points than he actually deserved!!  Throughout the game Player B kept announcing 400 points instead of 300 points as an example.  The proper thing for Player A to do would have been to correct the score to 300 but that never happened!!!  It is an absolute cardinal sin in the game of Scrabble to let this happen.  Player A who is a seasoned player knew exactly what he was doing and if it had not been for Player B to correct himself near the end of the game, 400 points would have stood.  This shows a total lack of good gamesmanship and an absolute total disregard for Scrabble in general.  I hope this never happens again at Club 34.

As Director of this very prestigious Scrabble Club, I do my very best to improve the quality of play of ALL members.  I go throughout the room on occasion and when I notice how some of the players keep score and see what kind of scoring sheets they use, I am totally flabbergasted.  Im talking of some of the more seasoned players, not the beginners.  You know who you are!!  It is really embarassing to see how some of the players score, make constant mistakes with their addition, place their scores in their opponents column over and over again!!  It makes the game no fun when you constantly have to correct the scores!  I heard of an instance between two of our players who attended the Portland tournament.  They played each other, never could agree on the scores, made such a commotion that it disturbed players around them.  It was in a tournament, not in Club play which would have been bad enough.  I have done the biographical sketches on most of Club 34’s members so I can be reasonably certain that all of us at least finished 7th grade so we all have a decent awareness of basic mathematics.  It cant be that difficult to keep good records, add properly and mark down your opponent’s scores in the proper columns.  It would make playing the game of Scrabble much more enjoyable.  Some of us, even the most seasoned of players, dont seem to care to write down their opponent’s scores.  They just want to make their play and scribble down their point total and thats all.  That is not the way to do things so please clean up your act!!!!

Lets all play the game of Scrabble the way Alfred Butts envisioned us to play it some 70 years ago.  Its not that difficult.


David Poder, Director

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