Do you remember that for the past 2 weeks I have been describing a game between Players A and B that qualified for poor sportsmanship?  Well I misspoke.  It wasnt bad sportsmanship;  it was actually cheating and will not be tolerated at Club 34 in the future.  According to NASPA rule IV.H.3. “It is considered cheating to knowingly announce an incorrect score, to verify an incorrect score, to allow an opponent’s incorrect single turn or cumulative score to go unchallenged, or to allow a disconnected play to stand.”  Experienced Player A knew without any doubt by this author that he had been awarded an extra 100 points throughout the game and did nothing to correct such a mistake.  There are many ways for this Director to handle the situation:  I could do nothing.  I could ask NASPA to send a letter to offending party as a warning.  I could suspend Player A temporarily or permanently.  In this case I have decided to just give Player A a warning and dont expect any repeat actions of such by him or any other member of Club 34 in the future.

Yesterday 18 and 13 showed up at the IHOP for another day of scrabbling.  For the second week in a row our attendance was somewhat lacking!  Have some members returned to school for the fall semester?  I dont want to see Club 34 suffer the same virus that other Scrabble clubs in the area are experiencing.  As I announced last week, I will begin advertising next year to attract more players to fill out the all important nucleus of our Club through local advertising in newspapers and the like.  We need to find more Brian Reisses, Jane Cranes, Barbara Creightons etc that make a committment every Tuesday to attend Club 34!

With that being said, I am pleased that Club 34 has found more quality players to attend the evening sessions.  We have always counted on Bruce D, Jeff Polan, Joanie, Najat, Pat Reed, Tom Titus, Richard Stein and myself to come in the evening.  But now we can count on Gary Moss, Jim Cassidy, David Postal, Jennifer Delson and Holly Derheim among others to make up a very nice core of evening players.  We are always looking for more however as our goal for 2018 continues to be 30 and 20…

Please come next Tuesday to say farewell to Nancy Douglas as she will begin to spend a warm winter in Wisconsin and wont return to us until next summer.  And be sure to come September 26 to meet and greet Yuki Loritz as she has committed to attend that day.  I think she finally has all her many children in college so she just might be a more frequent visitor to Club 34 in the future.  Yesterday saw the return of Bob Freiberg after a 2 month hiatus camping out in the Pacific Northwest.

Some exciting events are about to happen for Club 34.  Lorry will be holding her biannual pizza foodfest on October 24 at her home between sessions.  She can have up to 25 players for the occasion.  We will be having our annual Christmas party on December l2 between sessions.  Everyone will be welcome but we will have signup sheets for both events in the next several weeks.  Last but not least, our next Blankheads party will be Sunday October 29 at the apartment complex of Desiree Engel.  She can have up to 40 players in the playroom but there will be a cost of $50 if we bring our own food.  So there may be a small admissions fee to cover this but no worries.  Desiree lives in Anaheim off Euclid and the 91 Freeway.  More information to follow.

All of you know by now that I dont like to talk about myself!  LOL but here goes…  Earlier this year I was having problems sleeping.  I dont know if I was worried about Club 34, worried about the state of this country etc…….   But I was having problems sleeping and also with daytime somnolence.  I finally had a sleep study, an overnight adventure at a sleep lab.  Conclusion:  Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  OSA can lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, hypertension and more.  I went to a Board Certified physician in Sleep Medicine and  was prescribed a CPAP machine.  Once I started using this about a month ago, my sleep has greatly improved and Im not nearly as sleepy during the daytime!!

Why do I bring this up??  I recently had a 22 game winning streak at Club 34 that was broken last night by the mailman, David Postal, even tho he misplayed unbears for unbares.  And I currently have a l8 game winning streak at Gary Moss’ club which I hope to extend tonight and tomorrow night.  So I have won 40 consecutive club games which I attribute to CPAP…  It is a widely underdiagnosed condition which many of us have but dont know about it!!

David Poder, Director

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