Glenda Collins left a very nice pair of thermos in the playing room last night.  The IHOP couldnt find it.  Did anyone pick them up and take home??  Please let me know ASAP.

NASPA which is the governing body of Scrabble publishes a weekly newsletter to all its members.  Club 34 and its amazing growth was the featured article last week.  Another source of free advertising that we are always looking for…

Its refreshing to see that our members are finally listening to its director.  Najat, Don Platt, Pat Reed and Joanie all texted me yesterday morning that they were sick and would not be coming to the Club.  They did not want to spread their germs to the rest of us..   How nice and considerate!! It would appear that Tuesday mornings in my life will  be known as Sick Call from now on as members  feel the need to let me know that they wont be coming because of high readings on the sniffle and cough index..


David Poder, Director

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