Where Have All The People Gone??

This sounds like a Peter, Paul and Mary folksong but actually Club 34 continues to be a victim of the Christmas holidays and sickness.  I want to remind all of you to get a flu vaccination preferably in October of every year.  This vaccination will not stop the common cold but could save you from flu-like symptoms or prolonged illness.

Another low turnout yesterday with 18 and 7.  I tried to invoke the new policy of 2 for 1 last night but no one wanted that.  So it was Bruce D’s turn to sit out the first game and I left after that to make the numbers even.  I know that some of us are still out of town but hope to see the regular turnout next week.

One of our very own has been battling some serious health issues and now finds herself in a local hospital.  Club 34 wishes a speedy recovery and return to club action for Pat Reed.  She prefers at this time not to receive any phone calls so lets all wish her well and hope that we see her very soon.

I have been writing this Blog for 4 years.  I have tried to keep it very informative, talking about the past Tuesdays activities, a Biographical sketch, etc.  For 2018 I am going to go even further.  Every week I will try to explain ONE rule as outlined by the NASPA rules committee.  So many of us do not know the rules and as a result another incident occurred in yesterday afternoon’s session.  I will also go over strategy and try to help all members improve their games.  I will also try to hold more FREE workshops throughout the year for anyone who wants to attend to improve their games.

So many times I will walk through the playroom observing Club 34 members play.  I am appalled at what I see at times.  The first rule of Scrabble in my opinion is to learn all the 2 and 3 letter words.  This should be automatic.  There is too much to think about during a game.  If you have to sit there and try to decide if a 2 or 3 letter word is good, you will not go very far in this game.  I have even witnessed players who have been playing for years try to put an ‘S’ onto oho or awa for example.  We all should know by now that the only back hook for awa is ‘Y’ and oho takes nothing.  This should be pretty basic so lets learn the 2 and 3 letter words NOW…

An incident occurred yesterday with the Challenge rule.  Player A made a 3×3 word for 158 points, a substantial play in Scrabble.  Player B was upset, said a few choice words I wont repeat, was mad that I never “let her win a game” but not once followed the necessary steps in challenging a word.

Rule IV.1.1  “When to Hold or Challenge”….  When your opponent’s turn ends, you may hold or challenge a play until your opponent has drawn at least one tile…  It is strongly recommended that you take possession of the bag when you put your opponent on hold, and offer it back to signify acceptance of the play”

Rule IV.1.2  “Holding the Play”…To reserve the right to challenge a play, call ‘hold’ or otherwise notify the opponent not to draw tiles…  Courtesy Rule…”During the hold, your clock continues to run, and there is no limit on the time you take to challenge or release the hold.  However, your opponent may draw replacement tiles after Fifteen (l5) seconds, but must keep them separate from any unplayed tiles for the duration of the hold.”

Rule IV.1.3 “Challenging the Play”  You may challenge any word formed on a play by declaring you are challenging…

What happened yesterday was that Player B never followed any of this and actually went ahead and played her word and then got upset.  I strongly advise all players of Club 34 to get a copy of the NASPA rules which can be easily downloaded at its Website.

David Postal and I will be working on a new Website for Club 34 in the next few weeks that I believe will be pleasing to all members.  Lets hope that next week we shall see a return to our pre-holiday attendance numbers and start reaching our 30 and 20 goals for 2018..


David Poder, Director

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