Rainout! Not Hardly!!

One thing I have learned throughout the years about Club 34 members!!  They will come to the IHOP on Tuesday to play Scrabble no matter what…  Yesterday we witnessed nearly pre-holiday numbers of 22 and 10 and that was with driving rainstorms throughout the day.  It never ceases to amaze me to see people like Paul Rickoff come from Santa Clarita, Jeff Polan from the SF Valley, Bruce D from LA.   Nothing stops them if there is Scrabble to be played all day long at the IHOP.

I have not asked much of my members except for 3 things:  Come early and stay late…Bring a family member, friend or enemy to join our family…And last but not least, email me privately if you have  a suggestion on how to improve the Club.

A few days ago I received such an email.  My trusted sidekick, James Cassidy, suggested that I try something that his Washington D.C. Scrabble club used to do when there was an odd number of players show up.  So I did just that yesterday and it was a rousing success.  I will have 2 players compete against one player when we are Odd.  No longer will I have 2 players play one player in 2 separate games.  The two players known as B and C will team up against player A in one game only.  If Player A scores 300, he simply will record this score and place player B/C on his score sheet with their names of course.  Players B and C will do the same with Player A’s name and their score of lets say 200 with of course a loss.  So all games will be recorded and no one has to sit out.  We will designate the table in the corner where I used to hold office as the designated table for any 2 for 1 games in the future.  I usually will choose players from Div B to participate in this.  Wins and losses arent as important as they are in Div A.  They should use this opportunity to learn and discuss ideas of strategy with their partner…

Thank you Mr. Cassidy for this brilliant suggestion.  This is a big step forward in the evolution of Club 34.  Our hearts go out to Pat Reed who is trying to get better at Orange Coast Memorial Hospital.  We wish her a speedy recovery.

I’m about to embark on an exciting adventure, establishing a very attractive new Website for Club 34 patterned after the Seattle Scrabble Club.  I will be talking to its Director  Rebecca Slivka in the next few days.  I will also look into more newspaper advertising in our quest to achieve our 2018 goal of 30/20….  Im happy to see our weekly donations are not wavering.

I was also happy to see Holly Derheim return last night after a 2 month absence.  I was also pleased to see Amnon and David Postal.  David is directing his next tournament this Sunday in LA and has 42 signups to date.  If you are interested, let him know.  Its not too late….

David Poder, Director



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