The Wizard of Oz!!

In this wonderful movie we had the scarecrow, the tinman and the cowardly lion.  In Club 34 we have noise, whining, and sniffles.  So we have alot in common.  For the last four years I have expounded on these elements that make directing Club 34 an enormous challenge.  As director and founding father of the new Club 34, I will no longer talk about this.  Im tired of it and Im sure you are tired of hearing about it.

Some of us cant handle the noise element.  That is why I have told you to bring earplugs to the Club.  Others are germophobic so they shy away from those who cough and sniffle.  So as the Director I give all of you permission to go after the offending party.  You have my blessings.  Lets see if this new technique will work.

One other common thread for Club 34 is the rising attendance.  Yesterday we saw 25 and 14 show up for battle.  For the second week in a row newcomers Sheila and Zach Bulthuis came to play.  They certainly bring a fresh, youthful and passionate element to Club 34.

Jeff Polan did a wonderful job directing the Club last night.  David Postal and I began discussions regarding our new and very exciting website.  We hope to get it up and running in a month or so.

My next online lesson to all members has to do with board awareness.  Many of us play this game quickly and put down the first word we see.  We dont consider rack management or what we leave our opponent to play.  The players of lesser talent dont do alot of thinking and just put down the first word they see.  Spend more time analyzing your plays and look around the board for a better play..  If you see an immediate bingo for 65 points, there might be one for 80 points somewhere else on the board.  Keep looking..

IV.B.2 Erroneously Returning Tiles to the Bag….A tile is defined as drawn when your hand has completely left the bag.  If you erroneously return any drawn tiles to the bag, the following penalty applies, where X=the number of tiles removed.  The clock is stopped and your opponent draws X+2 tiles from the bag plus two from your rack if possible.  Face up to common view, your oponent has l5 seconds to replenish, and to return the remaining tiles to the bag.  If more time is requested, your opponent’s clock will be started.

David Poder, Director

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