Another 700–Almost!!!

Before any of my naysayers and there arent many cry ‘foul’, let me just say that when anyone who is a member of Club 34 does something extraordinary that has to do with Scrabble or something else, they will get plenty of recognition in this Blog.  Last Monday night again at the Yorba Linda club so admirably directed by Yuki Loritz, yours truly amassed a 656 game against the worthiest of opponents David Postal.  In the middle of the game, I played the third of my five bingos thru an open ‘i’….anterior.  In my next draw I had on my rack aedgnoz.  Of course I needed that open ‘i’ that I had just used for agonized.  What a pity!  If only I could have played that, a 700 game would definitely have been mine for the offering, only 2 months after my historic 728 game at the very same Club.  So I would strongly suggest that all of you go to Yuki’s club if you want to see your Scrabble scores increase by leaps and bounds…

I have preached to the choir(Club 34) for many years about building the Club from within.  Yesterday, our youngest member, Desiree Engel, did just that and promises to bring more of her Scrabble buddies in the future.  Melissa de la Fuente from Yorba Linda showed up with alot of passion and love for the game.  I hope we see her alot in the future.

22 and 11 showed up yesterday.  We passed the 20 mark more than a year ago but seem to be stuck on 20-25 in the afternoon session and 10-14 at night.  We have hit the 30 mark 3 times with 32 our record to date and 18 at night.  But we are definitely ready to go to the next level.  We have alot of room to expand at the IHOP as the restaurant is mostly empty in the afternoon and night.  With that being said, I am in the early stages of developing a state of the art Website for Club 34 modelled after the Seattle club.  If you are interested to see what it will look like, go to their website and take a peek.  David Postal, Amnon Meyers and Lorry will be helping me.  In addition, with the help of the same people our current Facebook page will become alot more relevant.  I will take an active part in overlooking this and try to make contact with the thousands of people who will become our friends… Thus our exposure in cyberspace will be huge.  Hopefully all this will bring in more new members in the future.

I am happy to announce that Barbara Creighton and Pat Reed are recovering quite nicely from their illnesses and should be back at Club 34 in the next few weeks….

Today I am going to combine a NASPA rule with the next Scrabble lesson for Club 34.  It has to do with exchanging tiles.  Most of you already know this but there is a time when exchanging tiles is very important.  You may have a terrible rack or you may need one letter to make a playable bingo.  You announce to your opponent that you are going to exchange, then you place face down on the table next to you the number of tiles you wish to exchange.  You draw same number from the tile bag, place on your rack, then place the exchanged tiles into the tile bag..

Pretty simple, huh??  Well yesterday a very funny thing happened at Club 34 and again I was involved but not the guilty party.  LOL..  My opponent who is a very dear friend and veteran of the Scrabble wars for 50 years got frustrated.  She was drawing terribly, lots of uuuu and other vowels etc and as is her habit wanted to show me.  So what she did was throw these terrible letters in the tile bag and THEN drew 7 new letters in that order…  Guess what happened LOL…  She drew more uuuuu etc.  In other words, she drew pretty much the same drek that she was trying to get rid of.  She didnt follow the proper order of exchanging.  Lets be careful and not make the same mistake in the future that my dear and beloved friend did…


David Poder, Director


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