If Its Tuesday…..

Club 34 and the Stock Market have one thing in common.  They are both taking a plunge in recent days although Club 34 not so much thank goodness.  Again 21 and 11 showed up on Tuesday.  I always thought that Tuesdays to Club 34 members only meant one thing.  Scrabble at the IHOP but not last Tuesday.  We had rotary club meetings, board meetings, work responsibilities, the failure to open one’s garage door, involvement in another class reunion, just plain not feeling good, playing in a baseball game? or just  lack of commitment.  At least we had one relatively new member who doesnt come all that often do so even though her husband had a colonoscopy that morning.  Now that is the kind of commitment I love to see.

Im happy to announce that our new Website is coming along quite nicely.  When it will be up and running will make all of Club 34 be very proud to be a part of this amazing and quickly growing family.  I appreciate the help of David Postal, Amnon and Lorry in making this possible.

As my boyhood idol Bugs Bunny once said, “thats all folks”…


David Poder, Director

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