Zarf and Ulu!!

No, this is not the latest comedy team to hit Broadway.  A few weeks ago I was told NOT to upgrade my Iphone or I would lose the Zarf application.  So what happens??  I do and I did by mistake.  I felt like I had lost my best friend.  Then 2 weeks ago at Gary Moss’ club a visiting player from Phoenix happened to stop by.  I was there but more importantly so was James Cassidy.  A casual conversation between games introduced all of us to Ulu, another word application that gives us all the words and anagrams that Zarf provides.

Lo and behold!  Ulu appeared on my phone a few days ago, thanks in large part to Mr. Cassidy and now I am whole again.  For any of you with the same problem, you can go to the following link to download Ulu.

Club 34 witnessed another good turnout Tuesday.  25 and 11 showed up for another day of scrabbling.  Our 2 for 1 format when an odd number of players are present has really worked beautifully.  I have not heard of any negative feedback from the players involved.  It seems like a pretty good learning experience for all Div B participants.

Nothing more to report today.  See all of you next Tuesday..


David Poder, Director




















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