Hail to the Chief!

Club 34 is very proud to announce the selection of its new noise enforcer Don Platt.  I have selected Don to handle all future noise infractions.  I know he will do an excellent job collecting $1 from any violators.  Don was more than overjoyed at this new assignment.

24 and 8, thats who appeared yesterday at the IHOP.  We were very happy to welcome back Pat Reed after a 2 month absence from Club activity as she battled some serious health issues.  We hope she has recovered so now she can concentrate on Scrabble-related fun…

I spend alot of time speaking with other Scrabble club directors.  We compare notes you might say.  They have the same problems I have but that doesnt make me feel any better.  Scrabble clubs are made up for the most part of adults ranging in age from the early 40s to well into the 70’s and 80’s.  You would think that we all are very mature and can handle situations in a mature manner!!  But nothing is further from the truth.  Players dont want to play other players because they dont like them or they are better players than they are and they just want to win.  You would be surprised to see how many players would rather leave a Scrabble club than have to play someone they despise or know they cannot beat.  I dont know why you cant take that as a learning experience and not be more mature but some people are like that!!

Last night we only had 8 players.  “Happy Days” visited Club 34.  Joanie played Chachi, in other words Joanie Scafuto played Richard Stein.  On the surface you would think this is a totally mismatched event.  But guess what, Joanie beat Richard.  And was she happy!!  And Richard did the commendable deed.  He congratulated Joanie on a game well played.  Lesser players would have thrown their tiles on the board, cursed and stormed out of the room.  Not Richard!!  He showed off excellent sportsmanship and should be commended for it.

Then there was the other side witnessed by all in attendance.  And it happened to be the same player that always does it.  When she found out she would have to play one of the better players, she got visibly upset, started crying and whining and threatened to go home.  Another display of awful sportsmanship.  I dont know why she always does this but its behavior that will not be tolerated at Club 34 any longer…

One of these days Im going to lose it and either quit directing this Club or just start handing out suspensions from further activity on a Tuesday afternoon or night.  I know most people appreciate my efforts but really, cant we be a little more mature and civilized and just play Scrabble and be thankful we are healthy enough to do so and have an amazing Club to go to every week.

With that being said, I am very close to finalizing our new Club website, a state of the art website we all will be proud of.  I hope to get the word out into all of cyberspace about Club 34 sooner than later.  We all have benefitted watching Club 34 grow, meeting some new people we never would have met otherwise.  These next few years will be fun and exciting ones.  Who will we meet next week or next month????


David Poder, Director

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