Pancakes Anyway!!

As expected, every middle school and high school student in Huntington Beach was at the IHOP for 3 free regular pancakes on Tuesday.  Its amazing what people will do for something free these days.  Despite all this, 24 and 9 showed up for another game of scrabbling.  We were left alone in our own little playroom for most of the day.

A record was set when Club 34 witnessed a new player come to the IHOP.  Jeffrey Reiss, brother of Brian, paid a visit all the way from Thailand.  Now that is dedication and love for the game LOL..

Our new website is almost completed.  I am hoping to make the announcement in the next week.  It will be a site all of us will be proud of.  I will be expanding our Facebook page and hopefully reach out to everyone in cyberspace.  I will keep you posted.  The website will include a club roster page of the 39 current active players with their photos and a short summation from the Director about each player.  You wont want to miss that.  I also have included a page that describes our new prize breakdown for achievements related to the Game.

We are now entering the third month of the new year.  How time flies!!  I hope we see alot of new players to join our family over the next several months.  It certainly wont be from a lack of trying….


David Poder, Director

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