Health is a Beautiful Thing!!

If we dont have it, life can be an awful experience.  I have preached to the choir before but must once again.  Just in the past week we have seen Joanie Scafuto and James Cassidy take a leave of absence because of illness, namely upper respiratory infections.  Its possible that they became ill because of playing Scrabble in a small and confined area.  Who knows?  But what I do know is that some Club members have not listened to me and still come to Club 34 ‘under the weather’.  And some Club members still play Scrabble with equipment that could not pass local health codes.  Please keep your tiles and tile bags clean.  Please dont come to Club 34 if you are sick!!

I am getting too many complaints from too many of the members because of the above.  I have therefore decided to assign Joanie Scafuto as our Club 34 ‘Germophobia monitor’.  After all we have Don Platt as the official Noise monitor so why not have Joanie do this.  It makes me very happy to see more members take part in the Club 34 activities.  Therefore Joanie will be responsible to distribute hand sanitizers and surgical face masks to any member of Club 34 that needs them.

We saw 24 and 7 show up last Tuesday.  Club 34 was very happy to welcome back Barbara Creighton after several weeks because of health issues.  Club 34 is also very happy to announce its new website.  Just go to http://www.huntingtonbeachscrabbleclub34. com and read and enjoy it.  The website includes a roster page of the 39 regular members of the Club.  It has a picture and a short statement from me to you.  Read about what I really think of its members.  Soon I will be launching a brand new Facebook page and also will beginning advertising with an application on Words with Friends.  I hope to display an ad about Club 34 that all that play this game will see and want to inquire how they can join us on Tuesday day or night.  I certainly hope to attract more new players especially for the nighttime session.

IV.F.1.  How to Designate the Blank–You must clearly circle or print the blank designation on an appropriate slip before hitting your clock.  Place the completed slip midway between the players.

IV.G.2.a  Failing to Start Opponent’s Clock–If you make a play, announce the score and draw a tile before starting opponents clock, your turn ends.  Opponent has 20 seconds to hold the play.  If the play is successfully challenged, new tiles not combined with old tiles are returned to the bag and shown to you opponent if you have seen them.

Everyone should know by now how important it is to play bingos in this game.  Just as important is to know the anagrams of these bingos.  The same combination of 7 letters may have 3 or 4 words but not all of them play on the board of that particular game.  So learn all the anagrams!! This is the lesson of the day!!



David Poder, Director

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