The New Look!!

Everyone knows by now that Club 34 is the friendliest, the freest, the fastest growing and the most competitive Scrabble Club in the world.  But now it can also be known as the healthiest!!  See the attached photo of one of our members and her new dress code.  That will be the new look for this Club in years to come…

21 and 8 players showed up yesterday.  The new website has been completed.  Now I will focus on our Facebook page and a new application for ‘Words with Friends’ that will advertise our Club.  Im still looking for fresh new faces but still having trouble finding players for our evening session.  I have asked that it be eliminated in the past only to get some resistance from members who enjoy to play all day long.  I am working hard to find new players that like to play at night.  I received a bit of good news that Nancy Douglas will be returning in June but we may have lost Richard Stein.

We have a good nucleus of players that I can count on to play at night, every Tuesday night, just not enough of them.  Bruce Dambrosio, Jeff Polan, Najat, David Postal. Joanie Scafuto, Tom Titus, Richard Stein and myself.  To a lesser extent Pat Reed, James Cassidy, Lynn Gunn, Inge Weinfeld, Amnon Meyers, Barbara Ring, Bill Lapinski.  And thats it!!  I hope the new advertising will bring us more evening players.  If there are afternoon players who would like to switch over to the nighttime, please let me know..

Thank God for Jeff Polan.  He has taken over directing the nighttime version of Club 34 and is doing a great job.  Just a quick reminder to everyone to leave him alone and let him do the pairings as he sees fit.

I will be reaching out to some members who have been in absentia to see what their plans are regarding Club 34.  If they wont be returning, I will purge them from the Club list for lack of participation and move on.  We will see what this new wave of advertising  brings Club 34!!


David Poder, Director

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