Stuck on 20!!

22 and 12 showed up at the hallowed halls of the IHOP for another exciting day of scrabbling.  We seem to be stuck on these numbers but hopefully our new advertising which should take off in a few weeks will bring in some fresh faces..

Richard Stein had his interview with Microsoft and now Im holding my breath to see if he will be moving to Seattle.  Bob Freiberg will be on an extended two month vacation traveling around in his RV.  Helen Cooper promises to return after April 17 and Tax Day.  And Club 34 was so happy to see the return of Holly Derheim after a 3 month absence.  As a matter of fact,  she went 3-l, with one game of 433 and 4 bingos.  If she continues to perform like that, she will be a regular Tuesday night player without a doubt.

In just 4 short years I have managed to find alot of quality people and players for Club 34.  We have a good nucleus of 20-22 players who show up every Tuesday.  But Im not satisfied!  Im still looking and I still want to extend a hand to all of our existing members to bring in family and friends.  Lets make Club 34 the biggest and most exciting Scrabble Club in the world.  It can be done so lets do it….


David Poder, Director

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