Stats Finally!!

20 and 13 showed up yesterday!!  What happened to those glorious days when Club 34 could witness close to 30 players in the afternoon??  It hasnt  happened the past few months but lets not despair.  In the next few weeks yours truly and David Postal will be developing an application associated with the app ‘Words with Friends’.  Everyone who plays that game on their cell phone or some other device will see an advertisement that will appear before, during and after their games promoting Club 34.  Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this will get us a lot more new players in the future.

At the beginning of our afternoon session, director emeritus Paul Trachtenberg presented me with a brand new ‘rice cutter’ valued on Ebay, ‘The Price is Right’ and ‘Lets make a Deal’ in the thousands of dollars.  I decided to award this treasure with the winner of the secret score for game #l.  The score happened to be 342.  There were alot of very close scores but the ultimate winner was Jeff Polan who nailed it!!

A few interesting things happened yesterday to justify what I have been saying all along about matchups.  Anyone can beat anyone at this game so there will be NO more whining at Club 34 or this will call for instant probation for at least one month.  Najat played yours truly in the afternoon.  She has probably beat me once or twice in 22 years.  At the end of our game I knew she had a bingo but she could not find it.  I told her that she had a bingo so keep looking.  I knew that I would lose the game if she found it but I was more concerned to see total joy on her face if she could find the bingo.  That is what any good Director would do.  Make your members happy even if its at your own expense.

And finally all those years Najat spent on an Indian reservation finally paid off.  She found drumbeat and won by 20 points.  To say that she was overjoyed would be an understatement but it definitely made her very happy and promised NEVER to whine again!!  Last night an even stranger occurrence happened at Club 34.  Amnon Meyers, one of our better players, went 0-4.  We have all been there at one time or another.  All you can do is play your best game with the tiles on your rack.  In one of those games, Amnon played a triple-triple on me for 149 points.  Its very hard to overcome that but thats exactly what happened and by alot.  I seem to recall that I still managed to win by well over 100 points.  Having him challenge ‘primine’ certainly helped!!!

Richard Stein showed up last night and told us he would know in 3 days if he gets the job at Microsoft.  We are all holding our collected breaths for the outcome.  Inge Weinfeld did her magic, showed up last night but since we were odd at 13, went home.  At the end of the afternoon session, we saw an old familiar face.  Lori Carroll paid us a visit and promises to return in the future.  Medical issues have kept her away but hopefully she will be back..

If you will recall, Sheila and Zach Bulthuis from Fountain Valley joined us 2 months ago but their careers got in their Scrabble way..  I have been in touch with Sheila and she promises to return in one month once her calendar clears up.  Im not so sure about Zach at this point but will keep you posted.

Be sure to go to our new website.  The stats to date are finally up thanks to Amnon Meyers.  You can see how you have been doing compared to the rest of Club 34.


David Poder, Director

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