Records Are Meant to be Broken but Not This One!!!

24 and 9 showed up yesterday only to witness something that you will never see again at a Scrabble club.  I think it is fairly safe to say that this has never happened before or will again at a formal Scrabble setting.  Our very own 97 year old Desiree Engel who is celebrating that milestone today was facing off with our very own 91 year old Elly Ciefuegos.  This promised to be a very difficult matchup and it was!!  A tightly fought battle ended in a 349-349 tie.  There would be no recount.

I will contact NASPA and see if this can be put into  next weeks’ newsletter.  I also will run an advertisement for our Club in a future Registers paper with this as the lead story.

Now onto a more sombering note.  A few days ago I called Richard Stein about his interview with Microsoft.  He told me that he did not think he would be getting the job.  I personally was kinda happy for the sake of Club 34 but last night Richard showed up and told us that he had just heard from Microsoft with a very attractive job offer.  He will be leaving us in a few weeks and take his talents to Seattle.  This is a major blow to our local Scrabble scene and to Club 34 and its Tuesday night sessions.  Richard will be sorely missed and impossible to replace!!  But all of us at Club 34 wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

There was a rumor floating around that NASPA was planning to add MORE words to our Scrabble vocabulary in the near future.  This was very disturbing news to all of us since it bombarded us with thousands of new words just a short time ago.  With further investigation, it was determined that NASPA is actually putting together a NEW dictionary by the end of the year with some additions and maybe deletions but nothing on a grand scale.  Thank god for that!!


David Poder, Director

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