Six and Stern!!

A sudden burst of wind swept into the Club 34 playroom yesterday from up north when Alan Stern, director of the very prestigious ‘Killer Club’, took a day off from work and decided to join us for a fun day of scrabbling.  Alan swept the afternoon festivities and clobbered me in the first game of the evening!  So he was 5 and 0 when I told him of a $9 payoff for sweeping the day.  But the pressures of such a reward must have gotten to him because he lost the last 3 games!!  On the other hand, I had no trouble with the rest of the field, just could not handle Mr. Stern who I used to own like a wet blanket.  Unfortunately, he has gotten the best of me in the last 5 games.  That is Scrabble!!

24 and 10 enjoyed the day.  I was so very happy to see the return of Sheila Bulthuis after a 2 month absence.  Club 34 hopes to see alot of her in the near future.  Unfortunately, husband Zach is now practicing law in downtown Los Angeles so may not join us anytime soon.  We also welcomed back Melissa de la Fuentes and Rene Kahn after being away from us for some time.

Some of you will remember that last year Jeff Polan went on one of his yearly trips to Europe, Munich to be exact, and came very close to a terrorist attack where several people were killed at a McDonalds restaurant.  This week our very own Karen Sturm went to Toronto to see her grandchild.  On the day she arrived, there was another attack.  As any hands on Scrabble Club Director would do, I texted her out of concern.  She informed me that the attack was quite a distance from her so all is good.  But the lesson here is to stay home, play Scrabble with us on Tuesday!!  A much safer and more pleasurable experience.

Tomorrow NASPA will issue its weekly newsletter with the ‘game of the century’ as its featured article.  I will forward this to all members of Scrabble 34.  Elly and Desiree will become instant celebrities.

Joanie told me that a set of blue tiles was left in the playroom last night. She will bring them to the Club next Tuesday.  Contact me if you want to lay claim to them.


David Poder, Director

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