Another Strong Outing!

Club 34 has developed a nice nucleus of players who I can count on to show their collective faces every Tuesday.  We have developed at least 20-22 players who I know will come each week.  Yesterday we almost reached our all time high of 32 when 26 came in the afternoon and 11 at night.  The nighttime version still is lacking behind but I am hopeful we can increase the numbers in the next few months.

It will be hard to replace Richard Stein who leaves in a few weeks for Seattle but we must forge ahead.  Club 34 can always count on Jeff Polan, myself, Bruce D, Joanie, Tom Titus, Jim Cassidy, Najat, Pat Reed and David Postal.  To a lesser extent we see Amnon, Holly Derheim, Barbara Ring, Inge Weinfeld and Lynn Gunn.  Rumor has it that Nancy Douglas will return next month for at least 3 or 4 months before she returns to Wisconsin.  I encourage any other members who show up in the afternoon to come at night.  We need you!!!

We had another drawing for a $25 IHOP card yesterday.  Sheila Bulthuis did the honors and Lorry Higgins was the big winner.  No one deserves that more than Lorry since she not only eats at the IHOP every Tuesday but always brings home dinner for herself and husband Fran.

Club 34 has developed into a very competitive Scrabble club.  We have Divisions A and B with the players fairly equal in ability and skill level.  So it becomes increasingly difficult to go undefeated for the day.  But that is what happened and Im very proud of it.  I had to go through Bruce D twice, Richard and Amnon to accomplish this so Im kinda proud of that.  Bruce had a very good day despite our 2 games with scores over 500 and 600….

This week is a special week for me personally and for the local Scrabble scene in general.  An old friend returns for a weekly visit and should be at Gary Moss’ club tonight.  It was devastating for me when Tom Singleton left for Hawaii last year but that is exactly what he did.  We will have some private sessions Friday and Sunday before he returns to Hawaii next Tuesday.


David Poder, Director


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