Winning Is A Beautiful Thing!!

Club 34 witnessed another fine turnout Tuesday with 26 and 12.  Richard Stein’s final appearance is fast approaching.  It will be either next week or the week after when we have to say goodbye to a dear friend and beloved member of our family but we all wish him well and a successful career at Microsoft.  We hope to see him occasionally when he returns home to see his family and drops in on us during those times.  He has really developed his Scrabble game over the last few years and will certainly impress the Seattle players in the future.

I would like to mention 2 members of our family who deserve special attention.  Mark Bennett not only is an avid Scrabble player and loves Club 34 but he is also a professional softball player.  Mark plays on Tuesday mornings in a local softball league.  He always make a point to let me know when he will be able to make it to Club either by calling me Monday night or texting me Tuesday.  Sometimes he cannot make it until the second game but he always lets me know.  I appreciate that alot.  Lynn Gunn is between jobs currently so how does she spend her Tuesdays?  She comes to both club sessions.  We certainly appreciate her involvement and hope it continues this often!!

David Postal has returned from an extended vacation so I hope we can finish the process of putting together a ‘Words with Friends’ app and get the word out about Club 34.  I also hope to develop our Facebook page as well.

Directing Club 34 is a never-ending and always evolving process.  Two developments raised their ugly heads Tuesday which need to be addressed immediately.  I have instructed noise czar Don Platt not to tell people to shut up, to shush etc if they make too much noise during or near the end of the games.  Instead Don will simply point out the offending party or parties, approach them and ask for $l.  The offenders will give Don the $1 without discussion or be asked to leave the room.  That is how the excess noise will be handled from now on.

One of the hardest duties I have directing this Club is trying to decipher handwriting, scoring errors and the like when I try to pair the following game.  Sometimes the name of the opponent is left out.  I wont stand for this anymore.  From now on, starting next Tuesday, after each game,  the two players involved will verify the scores, make sure everything is filled out properly before turning the score sheets into the Director. I also need everyone and that means everyone to print LEGIBLY and clearly.  Some of these handwriting samples are ridiculous so from now on print VERY clearly   I wish I could take the credit for this brainstorm but it came to me in the voice of Maxine Marcus. I always welcome suggestions from Club members and this was an excellent one that will be fully utilized.

Most of us know who Larry Rand is.  He directs clubs and tournaments and cruises all over the world and in Phoenix, his home base.  This is his policy and it has worked well for him over the years so this is how Club 34 will conduct business in the future.

I always point out when a member does something extraordinary at Club 34.  If I dont mention it, Tom Titus does so in his weekly reports.  Well with that being said, I currently have a 19 game winning streak at Club.  Who will step up to the plate and knock me off???  Will it be next Tuesday or next month?  We shall see………..


David Poder, Director

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