Streaks are Meant to be Broken!!

Club 34’s current winning streak came to a screeching halt Tuesday night when I faced off against the Queen of Baghdad, the Empress of Moscow and the Mayor of Riverside, California..  I hated to see the 25 game winning streak come to an end but I was humiliated by my opponent Dr. Reikes.  I must give her credit for a game well played.

For the last game of the evening I faced off against Richard Stein and hopefully started a new streak.  Richard and I will always have ‘liriope’ together as we look back on this game.  It was a sad evening as it was Richard’s last one for awhile.  He will be moving to Seattle in a few days to embark on a new career with Microsoft.  Club 34 wishes him well and we will look forward to seeing him in the future as he will return home to see family and Club 34 during vacation breaks.

27 and 12 attended Tuesdays sessions.  Among the attendees was Karen Sturm who had cataract surgery just the day before.  This might not compare with what Brian Reiss did last year when he showed up for Club play just one week after open heart surgery.  Nonetheless, it showed me alot of courage on Karen’s part and just how much all the players love to come to the IHOP and play in Club 34.

Don Platt had to miss the action Tuesday but I let the Club know that he has full reins to enforce the $1 penalty for noise violations.  I also spoke of score keeping and it was amazing how pristine the scorecards looked Tuesday.  I think Club 34 is trending in the right direction for the future.  Everything seems to be in place for smooth sailing ahead..

Now that David Postal is back in town, we are finally moving ahead with plans to expand our Facebook page and other applications to get the word out about Club 34.  I have alot of confidence that these ideas will work and Club 34 will continue to expand.

We have a new member of our Family.  Mary Barnes came Tuesday night for her inaugural appearance.  Mary is a retired flight attendant for United Airlines and currently works in the home health care field.  She loves Scrabble and hopefully will become a regular member of the evening sessions.


David Poder, Director

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