Tuesday Night Blues!!

The Post Richard Stein Tuesday night sessions did not start out well.  Only 7 players showed up but 23 came in the afternoon.  I made the announcement that all game prizes will stop for the time being.  I will be using all donation $$ for the new advertising gig.  David Postal and I will be launching a new Facebook page that has the potential of reaching out to 90,000 people in the Orange County area that play Scrabble or Words with Friends.  If this is even remotely successful, I may have to change playing venues from the IHOP to the Anaheim stadium where the California Angels play baseball.

Stay tuned!!  This could be very exciting.  I dont have much else to say so I will end this on a happy note.  Come to the IHOP next Tuesday and play Scrabble….


David Poder, Director

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