Good Health!

If you dont have it, you have nothing!!  Yesterday was a slow day for Club 34.  We had several people absent either because of illness or travel.  One member left early cuz he had to see his TV repairman…

19 and 7 showed up at the IHOP.  I was so happy to see Ken Louie take a day off and come join us.  Ken is a fine player, plans to retire in a few months and become a regular member of Club 34.  We paired in the first game and what a game it was!!  What happened in that game will be the Scrabble lesson of the day.  When you have control of a game and its near the end, dont make a play that will set up your opponent for a triple/triple.  Especially if that is the only way your opponent can win the game.  I was struggling throughout the early and mid part of this game.  Ken jumped all over me and managed two bingos.  He then closed down the board as he should have.  But he got greedy!!  He played a bingo at the very end of the game:  alienor.  The only problem was that he placed the r on the triple line in the seventh spot.  He could have played its anagram aileron leaving the ‘n’ in that spot.

My final rack was ?aenrsw.  With the ‘n’ I only had swannery which would not have played.  With the ‘r’ I could have played answerer which played but was not a 3×3.  The other bingo was prewarns which did not play.  I had to make a 3×3 to win the game and thats exactly what I did!!   Prawners was the winning play for 149 points, easily erasing Ken’s lead of 100 points.  Ken wasnt a happy camper but admitted that he needed work on his endgame and thats exactly what he will get with Club 34 now on his weekly schedule.

After the first game I was told that Tom Titus was not feeling well.  He wanted to try and continue but after the second game he was ready to pass out.  Brian Reiss and Barbara Creighton were so nice and drove him to a local emergency room!  I am happy to report that Tom has recovered, is resting at home and will be back next week.  I am mailing him the stats from yesterday and he will post them in a few days.

But Im not happy to report about Pat Reed.  Pat is back in the hospital and has been in a coma for the past 5 days.  Her condition is very serious and Club 34 can only hope that she recovers.  She is in the Intensive Care Unit with pneumonia, dehydration and septicemia in all probability.  Pat is a fighter and if anyone can pull through this, she can!  Lets all pray for her speedy recovery.

David Postal is back in town so I hope to move our advertising along, develop a very nice Facebook page and get the word out about Club 34.  Let all the infirmed drink chicken soup, lots of liquids and get plenty of rest.  See you all next week.


David Poder, Director

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