Club 34 is very proud to announce the arrival of a very dear friend of most of ours and a true Scrabble legend in these parts.  Maliha who hosts the monthly SuperScrabble parties at her palatial estate in Tustin will honor us with her presence this Tuesday afternoon in celebration of her birthday.  Some of us will attend a birthday dinner in her honor after the afternoon Club session.  I have been trying to get Maliha to come to Club 34 for years but she always tells me that she is working on Tuesdays alongside her husband.

If you know Maliha, please come to Club 34 this Tuesday afternoon to honor her.  If you dont know her, come anyway to meet and greet her.  If we are really nice to her and show her alot of love, she JUST may start coming on a regular basis!  She would certainly add alot to the character and integrity of Club 34.  I will give her a doctors note to get her off work if I have to…

Two things excite me about Club 34.  When I find a new member that is a perfect fit, that excites me!  But when I find a new member who shows improvement in his game, that excites me just as much.  The other day against Lorry Higgins, Brian Reiss had a 4 bingo and over 500 game.  He made 3 bingos in a row at one point.  If you are not careful Brian, you will find yourself in Div A next year.

See all of you next Tuesday to meet Maliha.  If you are feeling ill, drink plenty of fluids from now until Tuesday.  If you have to meet a repairman, do it on another day….


David Poder, Director

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