IHOB Anyone??

25 and 8 appeared at the IHOP yesterday for more Scrabbling.  It was an eventful day to say the least.  Club 34 was honored to witness the inaugural appearances of two ladies well known in the local Scrabble community but not known to Club 34.  Fern Trausch or is it Tausch came for the very first time moreso to honor our next new member than to actually play in Club 34 but we all hope that she had such a great time she will come back more often.  Fern plays regularly at Gary Moss’ club in Laguna Woods and doesnt usually like to make the trip up north but did yesterday to honor Maliha Mendoza, a very special lady whose birthday was celebrated by all.  I think we have Gretchen Cowan to thank for making this happen.

We sang Happy Birthday to Maliha.  She played all 4 games and then went to a local restaurant with friends to celebrate the occasion. Maliha is well known to most of us and holds a Super Scrabble event at her home every month.  Lets hope she takes time off from her important work to come see us more often!!

I was also overwhelmed and overjoyed to see the rare sighting of Gloria Miller from Los Angeles.  However, I would be foolish to think that Gloria came all the way down here just to visit Club 34.  She loves to visit a local Steinmart for some serious shopping so I will look into any special offerings or discounts to entice her to come more often.

Happy to report that Tom Titus made a rapid recovery from last week’s illness.  He did not receive my mailed stats until Monday night so will issue two weeks worth of Club 34 stats today.  Be on the lookout for them.  Also happy to report that Pat Reed is out of ICU, out of her medically induced coma and hopefully on the road to recovery and back to Club 34 in the near future.  Some of our members have spoken with her or visited her in the hospital.  She still is a little bit goofy from all accounts but that maybe medication induced….

David Postal will be back in town tomorrow.  But we have been in constant communications via Email and are very close to developing an amazing Facebook page and ‘funnel’ feature that should attract thousands of potential Scrabble players to Club 34.  This is how it will work.  We will offer something like the Cheat Sheet to prospective members to improve their game. The Cheat Sheet will have Club 34s address and meetup information on it.  In turn they will supply their Email addresses so that I can develop a way to contact these people and let them know about Club 34 and of course invite them to the next Club meeting.  I dont see how this can fail but ya never know.  It should be very interesting in the weeks and months ahead to see what happens.  I want to thank David and ‘Over the Moon Media’ for all his help.  If any of you need advertising help for anything, David Postal could be the man to see.  He is truly professional in every sense of the word!!

A few weeks ago I told all members that Karen Sturm had cataract surgery on Monday and showed up at the Club the following day.  Karen had such a great time she did the same thing this week on her other eye.  Now thats what I call toughness and love for Club 34.  Im also happy to know that someone else besides yours truly wakes up so early in the morning.  I received an Email from Karen at 4:30 this morning which is quite interesting and something I wish to share with all of you.

The International House of Pancakes was founded in 1958 by Al and Jerry Lapin in Los Angeles.  Its name was changed in 1973 to the IHOP.  Its mother company ‘Dine Brands Global’ closed down 23 IHOPs in 2017 and nearly 40 of them in February of this year along with 60 AppleBee Restaurants. Now rumor has it that the IHOP will no longer be.  There is strong speculation and rumor that the IHOP will be changed to the IHOB, the reason to be announced on June 11.  Some think that this might stand for the International House of Bacon??  but who knows.

I for one can stand a name change but what I cannot handle now or in the future is closure of our IHOP or IHOB.  That would be devastating so lets hope it never happens.  I wouldnt be surprised if it closed down for lunch and dinner since attendance seems to be sparse at those times.  They continue to be very busy in the mornings for sure and Club 34 definitely is our IHOPs biggest and most regular customer.  I see no problems with expansion in the future as I have discussed before.  I also know that we have the blessings of the IHOP management if we do expand.  This next year should be very exciting for all of us.  Stay tuned for any new developments to enfold….


David Poder, Director




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