IHOB Anyone? Not So Fast!!

I met with Hector, Club manager, yesterday about the future of the IHOP.  When I saw recently that 60 IHOPs had closed down in past two years, I was a little bit concerned to say the least.  He assured me that our IHOP is doing very well and there are no plans to close up shop. He also told me that the name will stay the same.  IHOB is a temporary promotional gimmick for their new line of hamburgers.  I have already been informed that they are pretty tasty so you may want to try them.  I also may have some incredible news about the future of Club 34 so stay tuned.  I should know in a few days.

We had one of our better turnouts yesterday with 23 and 16.  Our best evening turnout to date has been 18 so we were very close to that number.  Unusual sightings last night included Karen Sturm who left a funeral to play with us.  When husband Steve is out of town which is quite often, she tries to attend the evening session.  Bill Lapinsky also showed up as did Glenda Collins.  Nancy Douglas returned after a long sabbatical in Wisconsin and let us all know she would be here until at least September.  She plans to return to Wisconsin for the winter but before doing so, I will perform a thorough pyschological evaluation on her.  Don Platt, our noise czar, returned after a month absence and Mark Bennett came off the baseball diamond to join us for game 2 in the afternoon.  Now that is dedication….

Last night our own lovely Inge Weinfeld brought us a new player who I think will be a keeper.  She loves Scrabble and seems to have some talent for the game.  Club 34 has one thing that seems to be a constant!  With our aging population health has become a major issue.  So with that in mind who better to help all of us but a nurse practitioner.  Amy Hanggie is a very pleasant lady from Huntington Beach who had a very good time last night.  I suspect that she will be a regular fixture for Club 34 in the evenings from now on.

Pat Reed is recovering.  She has been transferred to Huntington Valley Convalescent on Newman Avenue in HB.  She would love to see all of you so go visit her…

Tom Titus will be issuing his weekly stats later today.  There will be some unusual findings so dont think that you need to go visit your opthamologist any time soon.  Speaking of which, Amnon Meyers has updated our yearly stats on the new website.  Go visit to see how you are doing.  These stats are listed according to winning percentages from top to bottom along with average bingos per game, etc.

And now on to our featured player of the week!!  Cindy Helphrey was born on June 28, year unknown, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She traveled around alot in her early years in Minnesota, Montana and Nebraska.  She spent a few years at Central High School in Omaha where Gayle Sayers, Hall of Fame running back, sat in front of her in mathematics class.  That might be her claim to fame…

She returned to Minneapolis where she graduated from high school in 1962.  She came out west to attend Occidental College for 2 years, back to the University of Minnesota, then finally got her degree at Cal State Long Beach with a teachers certificate in 1989.  In between she married and raised two children son Daniel and daughter Caitlin.

She mainly taught high school english and journalism at La Puente High School.  She finally retired in 2015 when she reconnected with her Scrabble family.  Cindy played Scrabble for years at various clubs in the area.  She spent at least 10 years in the 1980s at Club 34 run by Geneva Akers in its early formative years.  But she stopped coming because the traffic from La Puente to HB was difficult to maneuver.

Finally in 2015 she retired, looked on the Internet, and lo and behold found Club 34.  She came to play one day, saw familiar faces Tom Titus, Paul Trachtenberg and Gretchen Cowans, and hasnt missed a beat since that memorable day.  Cindy lives a quiet life in Duarte, enjoys Scrabble and swimming at the YMCA.

Welcome to our Family Cindy.  We are overjoyed that you found us again!!  Happy Tiling..


David Poder, Director

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