Growth and Expansion Are Not for Everyone!!

Several months ago a small group of us started meeting at the MonkeyHouse Cafe on Friday mornings for lunch and 3 games of Scrabble in a very informal setting.  Since I was joining in on the festivities every Friday morning at 11am, I came up with the idea of why cant we just have  an extra session at the IHOP and open this to the entire club!!  The MonkeyHouse management has been wonderful in accommodating us but space is somewhat limited.  There have been 6 to l0 people show up every Friday.  I felt that if we could get these same people commit to the IHOP, then we could open it to the entire Club and have a good turnout for a Friday session 11 to 3pm.

Of course we had to be sure the playroom was available during those times.  Friday I received the final word from IHOP management.  The room is  available so I have spent the last two days calling 25 of our Club 34 members.  Response has been favorable but NOT good enough to make a change at this time.  We have 10 players who would commit to Friday but only a few who could come every Friday.  Most of the Monkeys wanted to stay right there so were not willing to make the change.

The main reason I wanted to do this or would even consider it has to do with our future advertising.  Having another day of the week as an option to future players seemed appealing at the time.  David Postal and I are close to developing our new Facebook page that could go public to thousands of potential Scrabble and Words with Friends players in the Orange County area.

Club 34 and the MonkeyHouse Cafe will conduct business as usual for now.  I reserve the right to readdress this issue in the future if I think its necessary.  If I find out that future players cannot play on Tuesday but Friday is a possibility, I may revisit all of this.  Time will tell.

As I said, the new Facebook Club 34 style is close at hand.  I recently sent Mr. Postal a check for $340 to cover the starting costs.  This is a one time fee but there will be a weekly minimal charge after that.  I plan to give this a 2 month trial and evaluate the response.  If we get good response to this, we will continue it indefinitely.  If not, we will stop this advertising and continue to move forward.  But at least all of you now know where your much appreciated voluntary donations are going!!

Another idea Mr. Postal and I were thinking about is to develop an App on Words with Friends featuring Club 34.  Everyone playing Words with Friends would see our Club referenced during, before or after their games and hopefully contact us.  Unfortunately you have to contact the company that controls Words with Friends to even do this.  David sent them two emails with no response but just recently he did hear from them so maybe we can develop such an App.  That would be amazing for the future of Club 34.

I see no reason not to consider Club 34’s growth by finding new players.  If we can find another Jane Crane, Brian Reiss, Joanie Scafuto or Barbara Creighton, why shouldnt we make the effort.  I love the challenge to try to find these types of players and people so I will always push forward on this!!

Last Tuesday we saw 22 and 7 visit the IHOP.  The evening total was somewhat disappointing since we had 16 the week before.  Last Thursday Maliha had her monthly SuperScrabble event and it was another wonderful success.  I met two of her friends who expressed the desire to join us so they may appear tomorrow afternoon.  Because I thought we just might add Friday to our weekly schedule, I invited Maliha to finally join us on a regular basis.  Tuesdays are impossible right now for her but she would make an amazing addition to Club 34.  Lets hope that becomes a reality in the future.  She is an amazing person and wonderful ambassador for Scrabble.

Pat Reed is home now and slowly recovering from her recent illness.  I know she is very anxious to return to Club 34.  I had a long conversation with James Kitchens the other day.  He is one of our rare Meetup finds but has been absent for several months.  James is busy deep sea fishing in the Pacific or dirt bike riding somewhere out in the desert.  Although James lives in Escondido, he has a mother in Newport Beach and a daughter who is moving to Huntington Beach in the next few weeks.  He promises to be back very soon and very often…

Bob Freiberg is still on his cross country RV tour but I hope he returns soon.  I saw Pete Skaggs Saturday morning at Bruce’s Santa Monica club.  Pete has been absent for awhile but I hope he returns soon.  His personality and Scrabble talents are sorely missed.

I want to give a shout out to Amnon Meyers who has updated our Club statistics.  All you have to do is go to and visit our new website.  Hit the Club Stats page and you will see the current stats arranged by winning percentage from top to bottom.  Tom’s weekly stats which we all appreciate has the players listed from most wins to the least amount in each division.  You can compare yourself with all the other players for the week and for the year…

See you all tomorrow….


David Poder, Club Director

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