Everyone Should Consider Retirement!!

Another good showing at Club 34 yesterday with 24 and 12.  Last night Club 34 played on the other side of the restaurant as our playroom was not available.  There is an enclosed area that can hold 10-12 players quite comfortably.  In the afternoon we witnessed the appearances of Ken Louie and Evelyn Davis, two seasoned veterans of the Scrabble wars, that have either retired or will be retiring December 31.  They promise to be regular members of Club 34 from now on.

Evelyn is a research manager for the Orange County probation department, lives in Anaheim Hills, and played at Club 34 for many years when Penny Baker ran things in the 1990s..  We are so happy to have both of these players  join our family.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky, draw well, than have great skill at this game as Amnon Meyers seems to have when he plays me.  Other times it actually pays to study.  Last night I played ekpwele against Tom Titus, using a blank as an L and of course drew a challenge as well.  This had to be the most unusual bingo I have ever played.

The development of our new Facebook page is coming along quite nicely and should be finished in another week or two.  I hope to capture many more new players and personalities to add to our Family.  Its nice to know that we have the room for expansion and the blessings of the IHOP management.  A Friday session is still a distinct possibility if we can attract many new players that find another day in the week as an attractive option to consider.  Only time will tell…


David Poder, Director

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