Happy 4th of July!!

Holidays cannot stop Club 34.  The show must go on.  Yesterday attendance was good, not great, but considering that several members were out of town on vacation, I will take 24 and 13.  Evening attendance is getting better.  A few weeks ago we almost reached our all time high of l8 with sixteen players;  last night 13.

For the second week in a row Evelyn Davis spent the entire day and night with us.  She definitely found a home post retirement…  And a new player found his way to the IHOP.  Actually he joined us about a year ago for one session.  But with the Word Cup this weekend in Burbank, he needed some much needed practice.  You could have never known that after the first game he played yesterday.  He demolished me in game #1 but I got some revenge in the evening session.

Stefan Kac is a very pleasant gentleman and fine player from North Hollywood.  His addition should bring the cultural values of Club 34 up to a new level never before seen.  Stefan is a tubaist and performs full time at Disneyland.  He received his degrees from the University of Minnesota.  Whats most important is that he has Tuesdays off so I hope he finds his way to Huntington Beach more often in the future.

Last Friday David Postal and I put together a video as part of our new advertising campaign.  We filmed a short piece in the IHOP playroom that will introduce new players to us in the near future.  It should go public in the new few weeks.  Paul Trachtenberg was very gracious to help us with the filming of this video.  His amazing acting abilities were well appreciated.

I hope to see all of you back at the IHOP next Tuesday.  Happy Fourth of July!!  Stay safe and keep studying.


David Poder, Director

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