Post July 4th Blues!!

Club 34 hasnt seen these types of numbers for quite some time.  18 and 8 showed up Tuesday for another battle of the tiles.  Some of us are on vacation and others will embark soon.  Jeff Polan will leave after next Tuesday for a 4 week excursion to Italy and New York.  He wont be back until August 14.  One of our youngest members, 91 year old Elly, will be leaving for Iceland for a few weeks. Bob Freiberg is still traveling around the country in his RV.  Bruce D has been away for 2 weeks but returned last night.  And there you have it.

Mark Bennett came to the Club Tuesday to do battle.  However, he felt kinda sick so left without contaminating any of us.  He is quite the humanitarian.

The WGPO tournament has ended so David Postal assures me that we can finalize our new advertising campaign shortly.  It will be interesting to see what kind of results I shall see out of our efforts.

A few months ago James Cassidy came up with a brilliant solution  regarding our odd-even dilemma.  It has worked quite nicely but there have been a few disgruntled members who hate to participate.  I want to remind you that we all need to take part in this.  I dont want anyone to leave or sit out a game!!  I decided to try this just for Div B for a few reasons.  Players in Div B for the most part are new players or ones who come for pleasure and socialization.  I wouldnt consider most of them serious players.  They just want to have fun, not caring if they win or lose.  I also felt that this would be a great learning experience by playing group Scrabble against one opponent.  None of the Div B players should care about winning or losing at this point.  They should only care about getting better!!  Please take this opportunity to do just that.  None of the Directors are making a penny running Club 34.  Although we have no room rental fee, we dont draw a salary and dont benefit financially as other Directors might do.  Each of the Directors for Club 34 has worked hard to keep Club 34 operational, prosperous and ever growing.

I want to especially show my appreciation to Jeff Polan, Tom Titus, Lorry Higgins and Amnon Meyers.  Without them, I could never run this Club.  I am extremely confident that Club 34 will continue to grow and become the prototypical Scrabble Club in this country and world-wide.  We have a core of 20-25 players who come almost every week.  We will be finding alot of new players in the near future.

Stay tuned!!


David Poder, Director

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