Let It Be Fall!!

Club 34 has been hit with the travel bug as several of our members are out of town but it still managed to get 21 and 8 on Tuesday.  Hopefully we will get back to full strength once September rolls around.

I received a very pleasant call from Paul Harrison Tuesday morning.  Paul is a commercial airline pilot who found Club 34 on the Internet and asked me if his wife Raven could come to the Club at 1pm.  Raven is a diehard Scrabble player but had never come to an official Scrabble club.  Raven is an event planner and was told by husband Paul that she had an appointment with some guy named David at the IHOP address.  Thats all he told her so she showed up and was blown away when she found out that it was a Scrabble club.  I believe that Raven is a keeper.  She does love Scrabble and has a bubbly personality.  She even returned for the night session with husband Paul and stayed for one game.  She will be back next week!!

Tuesday night we had 2 visitors who saw some of us play at the Monkeyhouse on Friday mornings.  They stopped by, watched for awhile, took our flyers and cheat sheets.  Hopefully they will be back.

Our new advertising campaign is under way.  We have had approximately l500 hits so far and maybe 10 people receive a cheat sheet for their Email address.  Im hoping that this will be a success.  It looks like it will cost $40 a week to operate.  I will send all of you a copy of the email from David Postal with its link if you are interested.

Our next featured player is one of our long distance travelers who attends Club 34 when he is in town.  Alan Kait did not really want to do a Bio but definitely told me what I could include which isnt much.  Alan was born in San Diego and traveled around alot as a child since his father was in the Navy.  He is a man of many talents.  He has played a jazz guitar since the age of l0 and now plays the Chandler stick quite well.  He is a licensed pilot and has flown around to several Scrabble tournaments in the past few years.  He was inspired to play Scrabble after reading “Word Wars” by Stefan Fatsis.  Alan lives in central California, travels down south in his van and goes from one Scrabble club to another, when he is in town.

Club 34 is very happy to have Alan as part of our Family.  On top of all this, he is a very fine player.


David Poder, Director

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