Bigger is Better!!

Our new advertising campaign is underway.  A few thousand people have seen the ad but only a few have downloaded the cheat sheet, somewhat discouraging.  But we will continue to spread the word about Club 34.  The weekly cost will be $40 so I was particularly overjoyed to collect $58 yesterday for our voluntary donation box.  That was one of the highest weekly totals to date..

23 and 10 patrolled the halls of the IHOP yesterday with 2 new players joining our family.  Tom Brown is a regular player at the LA clubs.  He was absent from the Scrabble scene for 10 years but recently came back.  He heard alot about Club 34 so decided to give us a try.  After 8 games he was still pretty fresh and alert so he thinks he will return.  Tom is a tutor at a local junior college for English as a second language.  He lives in Santa Monica, works only parttime now and has Tuesdays off which is most important.  He has a wonderful personality and will be a perfect fit for Club 34.

Lisa Ocone found us on Meetup recently.  We have been in constant communication for the past week.  Without even meeting her, I could tell that she would be a regular member of Club 34.  Lisa recently moved to HB from Houston, Texas, with her husband and 3 children.  She has played overseas at clubs in Poland, Malaysia et al, the Sowpods version so it may take her some time to adjust to the American vocabulary but she now has the cheat sheet and will be a rapid learner.

I want to announce a few exciting things for Club 34 in September.  Lorry Higgins will have another food fest at her home, date to be announced.  It will be between the two sessions and she can have the first 24 to sign up.  I plan to have another Club tournament as well.  I plan to have 3 divisions just for the tournament.  There will be a $20 entry fee, monies to be returned to the top 3 finishers in each division.  I hope everyone participates for the spirit and morale and the Club.

I am making a slight change in how we do things at Club 34.  The 2 for 1 idea has been pretty successful.  Everyone gets to play; no one sits out any more when we are uneven.  But I have only included Div B players in this, hoping to use it as a learning tool.  I am now going to include the Div A players as well.  Everyone will participate in this.  I know some would not prefer to play 2 against 1 but I am asking everyone to take part and do their fair share!!

I am also going to ask Don Platt, the Noise Czar, to impose the $l penalty for those who violate the noise policy.  It was somewhat noisy yesterday and Don had to tell everyone to be quiet several times.  Lets see if this monetary form of punishment will have any positive effects!!

NASPA will be holding their annual Nationals tournament next week in Buffalo, New York.  We will wish Bruce, Yuki and Paul Rickoff a safe trip and good fortune.  If I missed anyone else, I apologize.


David Poder, Director

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