Let The Fun Begin!!

26 and 9 Scrabblers showed up yesterday for another battle of the tiles.  And next Tuesday at 5pm 22 of us more fortunate people will assemble at the home of Lorry and Fran Higgins for some excellent dining.  As a result the evening session wont start until at least 6:30 or 7pm…

The following 2 Tuesday afternoons Club 34 will hold its annual Club Championship.  The tournament will be divided into 3 divisions of 8 people.  The first game will be strictly by random selection.  Rounds 2 thru 6 will be based on wins and losses and point spread.  Rounds 7 and 8 will be King of the Hill so you may have repeat pairings…  After game 8 the awards will be handed out, winners of each division getting a $50 IHOP gift certificate.  Winner of Div A will be honored with the first ever Club 34 Championship trophy. The winner’s name will be engraved on the trophy and will be housed at the winner’s home for one year.

There wont be any live coverage but with a little bit of luck news of the event will get some print in a local newspaper.  Once the championship is over, I can then focus on this year’s Christmas party to be held in December of course.  It should be some kind of celebration to honor several of its members and the success Club 34 has seen over the past 5 years…  You wont want to miss that…

NASPA comes out with a weekly newsletter that goes to all directors and NASPA members.  Club 34 will again be featured very shortly and yours truly will be featured as well in a future issue.

And now for some individual recognition.  Itzi Burns made her second consecutive appearance last night and had a blast.  Her words, not mine!!  She will be a fixture from now on for our evening sessions.  Tom Brown showed up again and stayed the entire day.  He doesnt mind the drive to and from Santa Monica cuz Club 34 is the place to be on any given Tuesday.  Tom is one of our rare successes, Nancy Douglas being the other, of one of our exisiting members’ referrals.  Thank you Jim Porter for referring Tom to our Club.  He really is a nice guy and I dont say that often LOL…  Then there is our very own ‘soccer mom’ Lisa Ocone.  Lisa came for the first afternoon game and then had to leave.  She has 3 small children she must take care of, driving them to and from school, tennis lessons, voice lessons and so forth.  But I am so happy she makes the effort to at least come and play when she can.  We spoke about her schedule and Tuesday nights from games 2 to 4 may be more appropriate for her in the future.

In past Blog postings I have discussed rules of the game and strategy as well.  Yesterday in the only game I lost against Jim Porter, an interesting development occurred which I want to share with all members of Club 34.  Jim was doing his very best impersonation of someone trying to destroy his opponent early in the game.  But you must stay focused and not get too discouraged.  The tiles usually will turn at some point in the game.  Near the end of the game Jim played sly leaving a bingo alley but you had to end the word with that Y.  There was another bingo alley at the bottom of the board as well.  My next to final rack was aeilnov.  There was no 7 letter bingo in this rack but there were 2 Ts and 2 Ss unseen in the tile pool.  I played off the ‘O’ for 5 points and drew one of the Ts.  If i could have bingoed, I probably would have won the game.  An S would give me alevins which played on the second bingo line(valines the anagram).  A T would give me venality to the Y.  That played for 80 points.  Unfortunately, Jim had ‘baldest’ which played on the bottom bingo alley line.  When I bingoed with ‘venality’ I caught Jim with 30 points in his rack.  But his own bingo was enough to win the game.  This was a prime example of doing everything right, making the right strategic move, but still losing the game.  One of the many unlucky turns in the game of Scrabble!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the Divisions for our Club Championship!  If anyone is unhappy with them, too bad!!!!!!!  If you cant play both days, drop out.  We have a waiting list of one.  Amnon Meyers will play if we are uneven.  So here it goes…

Div A–  David Poder, Jim Porter, Bruce D, Cindy Helphrey, Yuki Loritz, Bill Lapinski, Gretchen Cowan, Paul Trachtenberg.

Div B– Najat, Tom Titus, Brian Reiss, Evelyn Davis, Jeff Polan, Esther Kisich, Maxine Marcus, Renee Kahn

Div C– Nancy Douglas, Joanie Scafuto, Lorry Higgins, Desiree Engel, Donna Dwaileebe, Jane Crane, Don Platt, Kim Peterson

I still have not received $5 from Donna D, Yuki and Renee Kahn so pay up!!  No one will be allowed to play on those 2 afternoons if they are not playing in the tournament but you are certainly welcome to come for the evening session.

David Postal returns from his 6 week journey TODAY so I hope we can proceed with our advertising campaign and new Facebook page.  See all of you next week…


David Poder, Director

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