A Lesson For All of Us!!

So as I was saying, I went to see my cardiologist Wednesday afternoon to go over my hospital records including blood tests and coronary angiogram findings.  A fine Jewish guy named Rob, I have known him for years and he really knows his stuff.  Rob went over the angiogram findings which I was particularly interested in.  I could not believe that I did not have any obstruction or blockage in any of my coronary arteries but that was exactly what was found.  I have alot of risk factors and have been a binge eater my entire life so I was expecting the worst.  What was found however is something that ALL of us have:  plaque formation on the walls of the coronaries.  Inside these plaques is cholesterol so what happened to me Sunday according to Rob is that one of these plaques fell off the coronary wall, attacked some cardiac muscle and caused an ischemic event(loss of blood flow).  I had either a cardiac event or slight myocardial infarction(heart attack).

I suffered the symptoms I did experience and the subsequent events that ensued.  The treatment so this never happens again?  Better and tighter control of your cholesterol, the good, bad and the ugly!!  Rob placed me on a second cholesterol lowering agent, increased the first, and also made sure my blood pressure was in better control.

I feel as if I could start my own pharmacy but I know one thing.  I never want to end up in a hospital again.  Orange Coast Memorial is an excellent hospital, the medical staff very professional and thorough but I never want to be back there again.  Its certainly more fun to be the Doctor, not the Patient so there you have it.  To all of my family and Scrabble buddies, make sure your cholesterol and blood pressure are under control so you never experience such an event.  We are all at the age now that this is and will be quite possible… And to all my friends and family, I have never experienced such love and concern from so many people!  I received a Club 34 card yesterday which touched me dearly.  I will keep this card with me for the rest of my life…  Thanks again especially to my children.  Without them I would be nothing!  Directing a Scrabble club would be meaningless if I did not have Mindy and Dorey in my life…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just one more thing!!  At the end of my examination with Rob, I asked him a very simple question.  I said, “Rob, how can a guy my age with my risk factors, a strong family history of cardiovascular disease with a 30 year history of cigarette smoking(stopped in 1989) and has never been on a particular diet NOT have blockage in at least one of my coronary arteries???” Rob looked at me, then looked at the ceiling of the exam room and said the following “it must have been Hashem..” For those of you not privileged to be members of the Jewish faith, Hashem is God..  I then told him that my future son-in-law Josh has a father who is an Orthodox Jew.  Gaby spent all of Monday and Tuesday praying at his syngagogue to Hashem.  He also had his entire congregation do the same.  I became a believer this week and let Gaby know in the form of a voice message.  Sure enough, Gaby called a few minutes later so happy to hear the news and asked me if i would sponsor a Saturday Shabbat luncheon at his synagogue.  I couldnt write the check fast enough.  There must be a lesson in all of this and there is!!

I want to relate an event as told to me by Donna Dwaileebe.  Scrabble can be a dangerous contact sport.  Or it can be just plain dangerous.  The other day Donna lost her Scrabble bag and equipment.  She had no idea where it had gone!  A few days later she received a phone call from a Golf course 15 miles away from her home.  It had been found.  Apparently all of her Scrabble equipment had been stolen and when the disappointed thief found nothing of value such as drugs, money or credit cards, he tossed it into the bushes.  Thanks to a luggage tag with her contact information, Donna and bag were reunited..  So all beware..

Donna dropped out of the tournament and Tom Brown is in so the divisions have been changed somewhat.  Please be sure to arrive at 12:45 for the following two Tuesday afternoons so we can start on time.

Division A–David Poder, Jim Porter, Bruce,Yuki, Bill Lapinski, Gretchen Cowan, Paul Trachtenberg and Tom Brown

Division B–Najat, Tom Titus, Cindy Helphrey, Brian Reiss, Evelyn Davis, Jeff Polan, Esther Kisich and Maxine Marcus

Division C–Nancy Douglas, Joanie Scafuto, Lorry Higgins, Desiree Engel, Jane Crane, Don Platt, Kim Peterson and Renee Kahn.

$50 IHOP gift cards will go to the winners of each division.  A beautifully engraved well sculptured trophy recently housed at the Louvre museum in Paris next to the Mona Lisa will be awarded to the winner of Div A.  His or her name will be engraved on the trophy and housed at the winner’s place of residence for the following year.

I am so happy that Maliha has decided to continue with her Super Scrabble event.  The next happening will be next Thursday, September 20.  A few of us will be at the Monkeyhouse today with plans to see Pat Reed afterwards.  We all hope that she can make a recovery from all that ails her but it certainly wont be a speedy one unfortunately…


David Poder, Director

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