Club Championship Part One

Yesterday came and went without a hitch!  Part one of our Club championship took place as planned.  24 of the toughest Scrabblers met for the annual 2018 Club Championship and the results are as follows:

Div A– David Poder +513  Tom Brown +43  Bruce D  +3   all 3-1

               Amnon Meyers  +78  Jim Porter  -154  Paul Tr  -50  all 2-2

                Yuki Loritz  1-3  -173    Bill Lapinski  0-4  -293


Div B–Najat  4-0  +275  Tom Titus  3-1  +284  Jeff Polan 2-2  +64

             Cindy Helphrey  2-2  +7   Gretchen Cowan  2-2  -14

              Brian Reiss  2-2  -130  Esther Kisich  1-3  -70

              Evelyn Davis  0-4  -378


Div C–Renee Kahn  4-0  +472   Maxine Marcus  3-1  +200

             Lorry Higgins  2-2  +9  Jane Crane  2-2  -165  Don Platt  2-2  -241

             Joanie Scafuto  1-3  +15   Nancy Douglas  1-3  -121

             Kim Peterson  1-3  -181



With 4 more games next Tuesday anything can happen.  So those who did not do so well, dont despair!  For those who did perform well, beware!!  This is far from over.  After game 8 next Tuesday afternoon, the results will be calculated and the awards distributed.  The trophy for Div A winner will be arriving today from the Louvre museum in Paris.  It is a magnificent piece of sculpture which will find a new home for the coming year  with the Div A winner!!  Rounds 5-7 will be paired with players you did not play yesterday.  Round 8 will be King of the Hill.  The excitement has just begun.

Last night 12 hearty Scrabblers showed up, another fine showing.  Newcomer Itzi Burns reappeared.  It is very exciting to me to find all of these new players!  They are out there and will continue to find their way to the IHOP on any given Tuesday.

See all of you next week for round 2 of the Battle of the Tiles….


David Poder, Director



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