Next Week!!

I have filled out the score sheets for the final games next week.  Everything went well for Div A pairings.  But for some reason pairings for Div B and C are a little off.  I put the names of the players that you did not play yesterday on the score sheets for next week but the sequence is somewhat off.

I have no idea how this happened but I do know I will not spend anymore time trying to figure it out.  Next week for Div B and C, find someone you did not play yesterday and play that person.  It has to even out after round 7 so that by the end of round 7, everyone should have played everyone else in their division and then I can pair for KOH round 8.  If there so happens to be a duplication in pairing, so be it.  Im a physician, not a statistician so I did the best I could under the circumstances.  Hopefully for future tournaments, I will have ironed out the kinks and everything should run smoothly!!


David Poder, Director

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