The Trophy!!

The 2018 Championship trophy was awarded to yours truly yesterday for winning the recently concluded Club championship.  It will be proudly on display at my residence for the following year at which time it will then be up for grabs at the next year’s tournament..

I received a very warm heartfelt text from Richard Stein a few days ago asking about my health and recovery from a recent medical scare.  I really appreciate that from a valued member of Club 34 who left us in June for greener pastures in Seattle and Microsoft.  Richard finally made his way to the local Scrabble club where he quickly established himself as one of the more highly rated players.  Richard will be visiting us in December so we look forward to that reunion.

22 and 12 showed up yesterday for another round of scrabbling.  Melissa de la Fuentes made a rare appearance.  Newcomers Itzi Burns and Lisa Ocone again made their regular appearances for the evening session.  We did welcome a new player to our family yesterday.  Nancy Toussiant found us on the internet.  Nancy recently retired from a 30 year career as a travel agent.  She has traveled the globe, cruised in excess of 30 times and lives in Paramount.  She is a very busy lady with tournament bridge as one of her favorite hobbies.  She let it be known that she wouldnt be able to come more than once every 2 months to Club 34.  So we hope to see her back  at that time.

We tearfully said goodbye to Nancy Douglas who will be returning to the warm state of Wisconsin very soon.  We wont see her again til next July.  Club 34 wishes her well.  Dont forget Lorry’s foodfest in just 3 weeks.  I know I wont be able to wait….

See you all next week.


David Poder, Director

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